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5 Things You Should not Do For The Safety Of Your Home

We want to give my readers suggestions and tips on how to protect their homes from intruders - the most obvious part of the consultation is to install an alarm system allowing remote monitoring. However, there are things you do that to provide information needed for future thieves when they targeted the house you? Here are five things "don'ts":

1. Do not put "indication" for thieves

The thieves are targeting those with expensive items and valuable and we can find out if you have anything valuable to steal by rummaging through your trash home. Placing outside the box of valuables such as laptops or flat a few days before garbage collection helped the intruders have been indication we need to break into your home . Instead of letting the outer box, you nende them in the garage, or in the house, until collection day

2. Unlisted Address Online

Now almost all of us use social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.Va criminals too, but unlike most of us, we tend to use social networking sites such for a different purpose. Social networks allow us to "check-in" various places as well as talking with friends and people who follow you on the website about the plans for your upcoming vacation, but in doing so, you may have accidentally said thieves ideal time to sneak into your home. You should let the message and tweet their status in private except for your friends and your followers are accepted


Home Security Tips 5
Do not give thieves the opportunity and motivation to perform
3. Do not hide spare keys outside the house

Homeowners often have common habits that are hidden below the spare keys under doormats or pot, and the thieves know this. Although your hiding place may seem hard to find, but if a thief can somehow found it, he will get into your house easily. Always send your spare keys to a friend or trusted neighbor

4. Do not put your name on the mailbox, fill suspicious votes

The name on the mailbox you can be very useful for the postman, but it also gives the thieves all the information they need to find your phone number and called to see if anyone in your house . So mailbox just your home number is enough.

5. Do not let strangers into the house

Thieves stole today are not using the masks and Darks anymore. They are often so much smarter and use tricks to get into your home. Always require proof of when the service personnel and sales representatives knocking on your door and not let anyone use the phone request, instead telling them that you will make a that call for them.

Things you should not do the above, it will make your home less than a potential target of thieves. By combining them with a monitored alarm system remotely, be sure that the property you and your family will never become a victim of theft
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