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TOA is a maker of audio equipment of world renowned Japanese. Equipment Customer TOA Vietnam was confident, especially radio system equipment; audio equipment for conferences and seminars; equipment for information and propaganda and cultural and artistic activities at the grassroots level. TOA has built a network of sales agents spread across the country TOA and organized a service center equipment with spirit of "All for customer service."


Regular customers of TOA is present:
-The Culture and arts unit of the Central Government, local authorities, the military, police, health, labor unions, administrative units, career.
-The Units in education - training, universities, colleges and high schools nationwide.
Sports branch of the radio system equipped for the stadium, the stadium, sports complex.
-The Management of national projects are considered TOA is an equipment supply unit supplies a prestigious cultural, rich potential and categories to meet all types of projects: Program Planning family; Project facilities equipped for the poor and disadvantaged communes in remote areas, deep; the project to equip the junior high school in the country ...
With strength in product quality and the reputation of the world's leading TOA. Products TOA is the top choice of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Vietnam.


PA System (puplic Address) meet the notification requirements among departments in the area of ​​the building together with the following characteristics: - The area is divided into different groups to address individual. From any location of the building we use call stations can also call to each zone (zone) was set up earlier or notified for the whole region (All zones) when necessary.
- In normal conditions will play background music systems for the recreational use of the area required or used to notify the necessary location of the building. When the fire alarm signals into the system (which has been connected and set before), the system emits an emergency alarm message has been saved previously to all areas of the building or an area wearing ku to be installed before. When a security guard or firefighters announced an emergency message (by the emergency microphone system attached on the front Controller), immediately announced that priority would be the highest priority. In the event of a fire, the system will be used to inform priorities for guiding the exit, follow the standard IEC 60 849.

1. Control Center (Controller): Connect with 6 speakers notification area, can be expanded up to 60 loudspeakers and store the information message is 255 per private message playback time is 60 seconds, may increase the volume 240W power, input for call stations, portable microphone input, speaker output 100V and connection types are up to 8 call stations.
2. The expansion (Router): used to supplement 6 speakers notify the controller and can be connected to the 12 lines from the system click on the other: as smoke detectors, clock ...
3. The increased capacity (Booster Amplifier): used to supplement the power (480/240 / 120W) for the system.
4. The charger and storage resources (Backup Power): allows backup time of 30 minutes when the power is used.
5. DVD: to play music entertainment platform for building, read all kinds of DVD, VCD, CD, MP3 and playing AM, FM.
6. Tables (Call Station): Micro power high sensitivity dynamic gooseneck shape, style installation on the table, with the select button, the call stations are connected together like a loop using CAT5 UTP cable installation located in the guard room, reception area, waiting room and control room, used to perform the notification message to the area of ​​the system.
7. Micro notice (Emergency microphone): use for immediate notification when there is a fire or emergency messages to areas of the system.
8. 6W ceiling speakers (Speaker): Mounted along the corridor, and regional offices, corridors of the building nha.Dung background music and message notifications to the area in the system.
9. Speaker 15W (Speaker): mounted in areas with high noise such as workshops, public areas, parking ...
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