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A PBX phone system complete including what?

The equipment needed to set up a system operator needs to use for his business. Here are just suggestions, PABX installation depends on the features required and the type of use that operator can add or remove one of the device, essentially to establish one complete PBX system they need the following equipment:


Depending on demand and the ability to finance the options you can use the following types of information exchange: PBX Panasonic, Siemens PBX, PBX LG, IP PBX, PBX wireless, PBX call center, Chinese switchboard and 1 others ... popular and most commonly used in today's enterprise PBX Panasonic with premium features and operability Vietnam durable than other brands.

There are 2 main types of PABX Analog PABX and IP PBX. Analog PBX is used more by low cost, installation and configuration is not too complicated. IP PBX has the advantage of not using telephone wire, moving easily, supports multiple users, however expensive to be one of the main reasons that IP PBX types not included in popularity.

2. Phone terminal during use
  - Phone for the front, depending on which type of operator can choose different kinds
  - Phone for manager, team leader, there are many types of phone pretty useful for this group
  - Phone for employees.
  - Particularly for IP PBX, they must choose a new IP phone lines can be used.



3. Cable System, cable box, wallplate, genes, pipe buried cable ...
  - Cable has a variety of terrain and depending on installation. 2 pair cable used to run the extension, many cable pairs (10,20 ... 100.200 pairs to connect between the floor and the building sector activity away from each other)
  - Cable Box, use the shaft connecting cables between floors or between buildings of PBX connection.
  - Wallplate is as socket sets used in every household, but other plugs are used to plug the phone into. There are many types of dialog sound different wall or floor, to ensure stable operation and maintenance without significant replacement, then you should choose the type of dialog of reputable firms
  - Gen, cable buried pipes: Genes used to run well (without perforated walls, this case is usually used when the user has not been perforated wall) gene used to wire back to the beautiful tiles, beautiful views.
Cables buried pipes: Often used as the background, run voice system when the building goes on the finishing process
4. Workers run ext line
   - Workers deployed installation: This is the person running the network deployment extension wiring, the cabling system running
   - Install PABX: The seller fees required PABX switchboard operation setup according to the user as prohibited ext installed, install the greeting when you call, outbound phone password settings ...
5. The auxiliary equipment purchase (on request)
  - Billing Software: Statistics ext charges
  - Devices recording: Audio recordings of the calls
  - UPS when power
  - Card autoresponder allows customers to click directly ext
  - Voiceamail Card allows customers to leave a message when away or outside working hours
  - Other software as software on a computer call ...

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