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1. Development

JSC equipment Security Technology English:

- Name in English: Bach Khoa Viet  Security Equipment Joint Stock Company.

- Short Name: BKV CO .,. JSC

Founded on 25/06/2007 under license business registration number 0102303758 by Department of Planning and Investment of Hanoi. Formerly a small setup camera, arlam in late 2005, due to growing demand centers established company called "Trading Co., Ltd. and Services encyclopedia", recognizing the potential major power in the field of security, warns BKV converted products business since 2008.  BKV turned into joint-stock companies from 30/11/2011.

2. Business Principles

"Getting attention as the basis"

 Prestige development facilities "

Entire be BKV aware that customers who decide the future of the company! BKV is one of the leading service quality camera, GPS and alarm equipment in Vietnam. 1 for 1 policy within six months of each company sold products. For each company selling sewing finished products, customer care is often difficult for many reasons. So company executives understand that the customer is the most important, if we do not do this is no different from killing themselves, isolating themselves. Therefore each product services companies sold will be service and warranty in place using even the smallest product. Only so bring convenience in work, recreation, and safety of our customers. No commercial activities and services company is currently producing equipment technological breakthrough nature. It is a system remote power switch, remote control devices and system shutdown remote computer on the network via ADSL. Below is a number of BKV Service areas:

- Production and distribution of products and equipment security EOBON.

- Design and installation of CCTV system remotely via ADSL network, remote turn off the computer, turn off the remote power control system.

- Design WAN installation, LAN, Net, Wifi.

- Design and installation PBX system.

 With a staff of enthusiastic, creative and dedicated to the work feels assured of quality when choosing products or services of the company.

3. Strategic vision

Determined to become a company with quality service, the leading products in the field of security warning devices.


Customers can visit the company's website using the link below: