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GPS - Solution management and executive cars

    Security equipment company Bach Khoa Vietnam

    Address: No. 27/40, Phan Dinh Giot, Hanoi Tel: 04.3868.8822


1. Introduction

      Security equipment company Bach Khoa Vietnam would like to send
Greeting customers respectfully and most cordially. BKV is the unit we provide:
- Management Solutions and taxi operators
- Solutions to manage long-distance bus
- Management Solutions business unit for transport
- Management Solutions unit for self-drive car rental
Monitoring shutdown, start the engine, air conditioning, open the car door closed, the car count out the area management.


   2. Applications

      - Anti-theft in the self-drive car hire, transport management;
- Asset Management;
- Management of the elderly, children;
- Management of livestock and other property;
- Record route for the mission trip or a picnic;
- Track and trace criminal investigation;


3.Technical features

      • Monitor real-time (realtime) using band GPRS
• Monitoring needs
- Check the car group, car names, registered drivers, bus km distance and location, time stopped the car;
- Control board, distribution management to help the car pick up a map detailing monitoring online 24/24 64 address / province in the country;
- Norms and monitoring gas / oil, general revenue, fuel costs, business efficiency, the efficiency of each vehicle operators;
- Anti-constellations, remote switches, make a list of violations when vehicles exceed the speed limit or beyond the monitoring area;
- Black Box store log information record ... stop driving within 3 months;
• Manage and out of the area should monitor
• Manage media via SMS to your phone
• Emergency SOS button.

 4. The products:


  • GPS Navigation Device VT3.0
  • Equipment GPS VT3.1
  • TK102 GPS Devices

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