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When deploying a surveillance camera system on a large scale with the distance from the camera to the observation room up to kilogram-meter line.

The use of coaxial cable as usual will not be able to meet the demand for speed, signal stability, can not even connect.

To solve this problem, we have researched and found a solution application of advanced fiber optic technology to replace the coaxial cable in areas with large areas or areas with electrical noise, electronic,...

Benefits of using fiber optic cable:

  • Optic cable can transmit signals up to a distance Ki-Lot-meter line.
  • Not affected by the interference of electricity, electromagnetism.
  • Easy maintenance, maintenance and upgrades.
  • High stability, not afraid of rain and sun affect the signal.
  • Reasonable price.

So to install a fiber optic system for the camera equipment should have what?

To install an optical cable for analog camera system, you need to have the following supplies:

  • Optical cable singlemode, multimode.
  • ODF distribution box placed in a room camera and centralized management.
  • Fiber optic patch cords, fiber optic cables and auxiliary materials to make the connection.
  • Video adapter optical signal (the signal can be integrated Audio, RS485, Telephone, Ethernet).
  • Equipment & machinery dedicated to fiber optic connections.
  • Workers cabling, installation and configuration device.

The scope of application:

  • The factories and export processing zones.
  • Offices, factories.
  • The apartment building office.
  • The area monitoring electromagnetic noise, electromagnetic.
  • The heavy industry.

Give us your demand for more specific advice:

  • The distance from the camera recorder.
  • The number of fiber-optic camera to use.
  • Topography cabling (Treo / Burial / Luon drain ...).
  • Requirements: Integrated PTZ, audio Integrated audio, integrated Ethernet, ...

We consult, design, installation and deployment package surveillance camera systems use optical fiber for our customers, our entire system to be deployed at 12 month warranty manual, time present time to fix the problem (if any) at least 1 hour (In Hanoi city) since receiving the request information from customers.

Please contact us for more specific advice.







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