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Series camera detects license plate wearing a fake luxury

 Exactly 100%
Nestled in a modest position in the compound of the general houses 54 Tran Hung Dao, Hanoi, command center, control traffic signals, Road Traffic Police Department - railways, CAPT Hanoi in recent years is the address that people are aware of. The reason is simple because these people had at least once holding the notice of violation to the settlement center for violations of their Traffic Law.

Handling violations room located at the 1st floor is so convenient for people to contact work and signed the minutes of the fines. Not one or a few dozen, but hundreds of "peephole" installed throughout the city to supervise and sanction Traffic Law. All cameras and monitoring sanctions are all modern facilities, great resolution, easily observe both the small details of the vehicle.

Mass media fail to abide signalized traffic control commander has been captured clearly sanctioned BKS camera. Even the motorcycle deliberately sneak in lanes for cars to tiny right up front, deliberately ran a red light camera system is also being processed. The entire system image of media violations are automatically updated into the server's memory center.

Just 2 seconds after recognition, image capture means of violation, the specifications of the vehicle as well as the time, place, the offense ... is printed directly from the central server. These are based authentication, accurate to serve for the punishment of "cold" Police forces later.

"With the camera system to monitor and sanction upon the most modern products currently installed at the center, absolutely no fault of mistaken identity, false violations or" well "means. The accuracy, objectivity and effectiveness are we confirmed 100%, do not have even the smallest mistakes, "team commander commanding control traffic signals asserted.

check fake license-plate  no more than 2 seconds

Under the command of Commander Team controls traffic signals alone to the date 1-1-2016, the center has sent 600 notices of violation to address the driver violations to invite them to complete units all treatment procedures. Until the present time, the total number of notices were commanded to go up to room deposit thousands of cases.

Before our questions about how to accurately verify a violation means to send alerts, Major Pham Quang Minh, Deputy Team Team controls the traffic signal lights, said: From BKS vehicle violations and through the registration department, facility management, we easily find the address of the registered vehicle.

The first time this work takes a lot of time, but to the present time, the direct connection between the management teams Register means the system's central server will automatically update, the investigation immediately results in minutes BKS vehicle violations identified.

"All the messages sent to the address the violation means operators are absolutely accurate. There are many more cases after the center was denied, but when officers to review the pictures had violated clear recovery center, for export. So far, all the cases brought to the central notification recognize his offense, "Pham Quang Minh Maj stressed.

According commander Control Team commander traffic signal lights, the sanctions through camera surveillance system, sanction, units also discovered a lot of media BKS wearing fake. Through statistics, here are the means of super-luxury cars, expensive. The latest car is brought BKS: 30A-366.35 traffic on Le Duan Street Traffic Law violations were sanctioned camera systems to record images. Only 2 seconds after the last test vehicle registration system, Police have identified the owner of the Supervisory Board on registration for a vehicle in the district of Ha Dong.

Shortly thereafter, the signals require stopping or checking staff were transmitted directly into the camera directly working groups of 4 teams this time Police on duty nearby, promptly stop means test. Initially, the driver did not know why the Police to inspect and error messages BKS wearing fake vehicle violations. But when viewed direct evidence through dedicated technical equipment of working groups, the driver has to sign the protocol violations.

This person explained the car was borrowed from a friend and he does not know anything about tools. Even, through inspection, the driver also did not produce any papers concerning the vehicle as well as a driver's license as prescribed. More than 15 million is the penalty for violation of this driver, and documents related to the media was Road Traffic Police Department - Railway Police Department in coordination with a wanted criminal, the Ministry of Public Security and customs authorities for investigation and clarification on the source vehicle.

Information with us, Lt. Col. Ngoc Manh Thieu, the chief of Traffic Police Team No. 1, Road Traffic Police Department - railways, CAPT Hanoi said: If to this point, there are at least a dozen vehicles BKS wearing fake has been working groups to coordinate the unit's processing center discovered thereon sanctioned. "Vehicles of all kinds wearing fake BKS but most are very expensive cars, each with up to value billions. The author of the Supervisory beautiful, even "five precious" or "three flowers".

Even when the violations were required Police checked when the car has shown disregard the law, challenging the duty performance and even flipped "blow" intimidation will call this person, the other to intervene. However, the attitude of the mind, the rule of law, regulations, Police were resolute but wise moves betray this role of the violators, resolutely handle filing.

No way out for violations

According to Lt. Col. Ngoc Manh Thieu, the origin of the car wearing a fake SB is very worthy goals, by the majority of infringement cases seized vehicles are "out of the running person". And Maj Vu Van Hoai, team leaders propagate and screening traffic accident investigation said, had several vehicles "super-luxury" is "covering projection" for years in the custody means point violations of units.

These cases though Police have repeatedly send an invitation to work on the car, but the source is not up. Even, through verification, address driver claimed violations of address records are also "ghost". "If the car is not smuggled or any other matter related to the violation of law ..., then there is no reason that all vehicles dispose of a pile up all major assets like that," Major Vu Van Hoai said.

Agreeing with the opinion of the commander on the Propaganda Team, autopsy traffic accident investigation, representing Team commander controls the traffic signals also said: Through practical work, to be false BKS Its not one of 2 reasons.

The first is to evade taxes on smuggled vehicles; The second is to evade the Police and other authorities in the event detection using vehicle law violations. Currently the subject of tax evasion, using very sophisticated smuggling vehicles to legalize his car. Besides using fake BKS already registered to another vehicle, the vehicle owner must also purchase a used car and rinse determine the chassis number, engine number inserted in a newer vehicle along the line.

"The current law does not prohibit the fixing, changing paint colors, designs ... as long as no changes structural components. Therefore some of the frame or engine from discarded car installation on the vehicle has been shipped as the object moves in an attempt to use force "function, team commander commanding control signals traffic information. Adding a second procedure on the application objects that are tactics "cicada escape the".

Since the import of cars illegally, they will cahoots with market authorities to legalize the property by pretending to confiscate and auction with the money a lot cheaper real value of the car the main object for smuggling. From these documents, the object automatically bring the car registration, trading in the market that the case of the object Public "motor" is a typical example. In the process of waiting to legalize, or sell to others, many objects were used to circulate counterfeit BKS.

Along with confirmation of Colonel Dao Bay Thang, Head of Road Traffic Police Department - railways, CAPT Hanoi, will cooperate with the investigating police agencies at all levels "access" to the end to clarify the source of media above, the current road Traffic Police Department - had proposed rail Vietnam registry Department to freeze the registry for all the violations which did not come to pay a fine unit.

Up to this point, the Police Department has sent information on 65 cases to Vietnam Registry Department to force the driver to go back violation fines. Currently, according to the unit, there were 3 cases when all means of violation to the registry offices have been denied registration centers had to return to make the handling of violations of the Traffic Police.

"The breach of receiving the notice, the best make up Traffic Police authorities to pay the fine, but do not expect to escape the treatment. In addition to the registration freezing measures stipulated in Article 4 of Circular 70 / MOT, whether the vehicle owner does not purchase the name change to all, we still go to the end, save and share data with violations Police across the country to promptly detected and sanctioned for these vehicles when the traffic on the road, "Lieutenant Colonel Huynh Tan Nam - captain Controlling traffic signals asserted.

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