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There have been many tragic accidents occur due to fire. Just a little careless we can cause an explosion which is harder to control. So the installation of fire alarm for the house, your company or your shop is essential.

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Installation of fire alarm system will help you: 


  • Fire Alarm System will quickly notice tells you the fire danger is coming to you in time to prevent that avoid loss of human life and property caused by fire. 
  • Bring you the spirit is always safe and comfortable even when not at home because there were smoke alarms are always great resources to help you know the risks and causes of fires and explosions. 
  • Warning device to help you 24/24 hours.

Note that when you install fire alarm systems: 


  • Before you select the device you should see the width, number of rooms of your house, where there is a risk of explosion such as kitchens, many machinery room, where the big power ... 
  • Refer to the smoke alarms according to many sources of information to choose for your family the most appropriate category. 
  • Choose the installation location of the highest effective.


JSC security equipment Polytechnic Vietnamese specialists provide advice and fire alarm systems, burglar alarm, camera, camera accessories ... 


For advice and to place an order please contact: 


JSC security equipment Polytechnic Vietnam, address: No. 9 - Alley 40 Phan Dinh Giot-Ha Noi. Tel: 04.38688822. website: http: //

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