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1.too development:

JSC security equipment Polytechnic Vietnam:
     - Name in English: Device Security Bach Khoa Viet Joint Stock Company.
    - Short Name: BKV CO., JSC

Established on 25/06/2007 under license business registration number 0,102,303,758 Due to Department of Planning and Investment of Hanoi. Formerly a center for small repairs service was established in late 2005, due to growing demand centers established company entitled "Trade Company Limited and Vietnam Technology Services", found potential major in the field of energy security, warning, BKV has converted products business since 2008. Desiring to further develop the model BKV has moved into joint-stock companies from 30/11/2011.

2.Phuong business philosophy:

"Getting attention as the foundation"

 Reputation as the basis of development "

Due to growing demand, current JSC security equipment Polytechnic Vietnam are looking for agents and collaborators across the country. Units wishing to become agents and collaborators of BKV please contact:

Marketing Department - JSC security equipment Polytechnic Vietnam

Phone: 04.3868.8822 ext 112-116 - Fax: 04.3868.9311


Hotline: Mr 'Show - 0914 363 499, Ms' Perfume - 0916.283.682, Ms 'Association - 0917.060.412, Ms' States - 0985.063.484


1. Agents List  

1.1 - Bac Giang Branch: No. 15 Le Ly, P.Hoang Van Thu Giang TP.Bac Giang. Tel: 0240.352.286, Website:, Email:;

2. Regulation agent

Conditions become agents of the Corporation Security Device Technology Vietnam

- There is a certificate of business registration under the Enterprise Law.
- Is operating in the field of electronics, telecommunications, information technology, protective equipment, ....
- There are places of business stability, facilitate business.
- At least one member of the unit are knowledgeable about security appliance products distributed by BKV. (Or was involved training of security devices by JSC Security Device Technology Vietnamese organizations).
- The unit must have financial potential, extensive relationships within this market by unit managers.
- Other cases do not meet one of the above, but with all the physical conditions of the area and the company is not the agent can also consider becoming agents.

Principle of operation

- Build relationships long-term partnership based on cooperation and commitment to shared goals.

- Cooperation on the basis of mutual benefit 2.

- Regular information sharing and timely support.

- Policy support fair and reasonable in all distribution channels.

- Committed maximum protection for you against agents of market volatility and competition.

Financial Policy

- Based on the results of these purchases and other commitments, you will receive dealer pricing level for the corresponding agent.
- This policy is conducted independently and in parallel with the program support or promote other business from the company BKV dealer.
- On the basis of the agency contract is signed, you will receive dealer credit limit with a maximum loan term of 30 days,
- Based on the results of cooperation and payment history, you will be entitled to the agent better preferential credit policies, debt.

Policy support

Support for PR - Marketing:

- You are agents that support the brand can bkv, catalogs, flyers, banners, ... according to the program of the Company's distribution and security equipment CP Polytechnic Vietnam. Information about you will be advertising agents and distributors in the mass media and websites of BKV, Google, Yahoo ..
- You are taking all the promotions and boost sales of BKV and distributors.
- You are agents of price information update, information about goods, products, company policy and distributors, marketing programs, and sales promotion materials.

Technical support and solutions:

- You dealer technical support over the phone. There will be live technical support in place when required.
- You are participating dealer training routine product, technology and sales knowledge by BKV. Training will be provided separately if required.
- When participating contractors and projects, you will be BKV agent and advisory support and technical solutions if required.
Support areas:
- To protect the company and the price received information on clients in the areas of agent in charge of the customer related to BKV.
- In case of different reasons customers of the dealer manager I still ask BKV Company signed the contract, the profit after deducting expenses will move back to dealer I.
- The big contract that the agent can not afford the company signed BKV will stand out signing this contract profits after deducting expenses will be transferred back to the dealer.

3. Registration Agency

Procedures for registration of the agent:

- Fill out the registration form and email to:

- Provide a photocopy of the following documents: business registration certificate, tax certificate number, location leases (if any).
- Signing of agents in their respective agents.
(Download form regulation agency)
(Download the registration form agents)


1. Regulation collaborators

           1. Collaborators (CTV) devices are JSC Vietnam Polytechnic security mandate to advise, provide information, negotiate and sign contracts with businesses and individuals to receive discounts and commission rates .
           2. Objects made collaborators:
                - Students block information technology, Business Administration, Marketing of universities, colleges and technical schools.
                - The staff have university degrees or more are active in the field of Electronics, Computer Science, Business Administration
                - The retired officers and has been active in the fields of electronics, information technology, business administration
           3. Mode of operation:
                 - Each CTV actively market research, customer search, advertise, sell and sign economic contracts.
                 - Given the sales commission made
                 - CTV identification numbers to track, so all customers are looking for CTV monitored by CTV and the number of customers that direct contact with the company to contract success, sales This has been attributed to CTV.
                 - All the CTV when customers are exposed to the full transfer of information and to protect the project collaborators, who will be notified before the priority protection.
                 - Direct Marketing Department will manage the operations of CTV.

Article II: RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS OF collaborators

1. Benefits of CTV

                 - CTV is entitled to remuneration in two forms as follows:
                            • Enjoy 10% on the total value of equipment (in retail) customers by introducing CTV bought the company BKV BKV officials made business contracts
                            • Enjoy 15% on the total value of equipment (in retail) customers by introducing CTV bought the company BKV CTV directly consulting contracts with customers.
                  - General principles: CTV only receive remuneration from the Company BKV after the purchase contract with the customer to complete

                  - CTV is training, training, guidance and professional services related to the customer reach and introduce products and services of the company BKV.
                  - CTV provided documents, texts, databases required and other conditions necessary to serve under the provisions of the Company.
                   - CTV commendation by the agreement provided for the Company's collaborators.
                   - Remuneration of the Company will be paid after the contract relating to completion and CTV will notice for comparison after subtracting the income tax (if any).
                   - After a period of 3 months, if CTV will operate efficiently at subsidized petrol car, phone, support equipment or labor contracting official.

2. Obligations of CTV:

                    - Join comply with these transactions as defined in Article 1
                    - Ensure the accurate, objective, timely and efficient in their work introduced its customers to the company.
                    - Do not allow any action affecting the reputation of the company brand.
                    - No right to transfer part or all of the rights and obligations to others without the written consent of the Company.
                    - During the effective date of this contract, CTV does not introduce customers to a business company other security devices.
                    - Report on progress of work weekly for 6 officers.

 3. Register as a contributor:

                     Application dossier collaborators include:
                     - Application as collaborators.
                     - Curriculum vitae certified by the local government.
                     - Copy of ID card and household registration
                     - Copies of diplomas

4. Feedback: When you receive enough applications to collaborators, JSC security equipment Polytechnic Vietnam will consider these issues, if eligible, the recognition, if not qualified to answer or to know within 03 days.    

5. CTV Contract: If you qualify to become collaborators, the company will contract collaborators.

Thank you agent!

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