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Image data from the camera are stored in the hard drive and the type commonly used today by companies like seagate or western. Depending on customer needs that can save time from several days to a month or more hon.O Here we only give the numbers fit the camera started recording during the actual installation of CCTV health.

o cung dau ghi hinh

Type of record 

hard Drive 

number of eyes 

Recording time 

4 channel DVR Eobon 



7 days

4 channel DVR Eobon 



14 days

4 channel DVR Eobon 



28 days

4 channel DVR Eobon 



42 days

4 channel DVR Eobon 



56 days

A number of reasons can affect the storage as follows:

Friday 1, each recorder of how different companies have image processing and various image compression. Thus the size of an image file of the same size frame may not be the same. Therefore, the storage time can be different. 

Monday, you should know how much recording frames per second. This will be a great influence to the storage time.

 Tuesday you can increase the storage space by setting up motion recording and event recording. This will reduce a lot of hard drive storage capacity. 

Wednesday with the first recording in HD mode or the TV camera eye lines of high mode it will take more hard drive space than usual, but it provides crisp resolution quality. 

Also if you record the JPEG compression standard storage time will be shorter. Using MPEG-4, the storage time will be longer. But MPEG-4 video streaming motion, so if recording in a more static images will help take more storage space where the motion. 

Typically each burner vendors will provide us with software or formula calculates storage time for each specific case. We will guide based Estimator software, this is the software supports timing of hard drive storage. You can use this software to estimate the type of burner for other carriers.

Use cheap camera recorder Eobon genuine and regular hard drive western Polytechnic Vietnam deployment to customers for the stability that it brings. 

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