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Summed up in a series of airport stealing Vietnam
The case "took the wrong" stuff deliberately neglected or stealing at the airport the day after security forces were summed up by the airline to maximize the effectiveness of the security camera.
 "Chom" toys, bird toys are mistakenly "conceded" security
Conversation with Communications, Office Noi Bai International CHK Nguyen Van Hung said the security cameras at the airport has been to maximize the effect of helping to detect many cases lost at the airport map . Specifically, according to Mr. Hung, 28/6 in 8.30 days, passengers Meyblum Beth Elias (French nationality) VN18 ride from the international airport Charles de Gaulle (France) to Hanoi forget to report a phone Iphone 6 on trolleys in public areas 1st floor lobby, passenger terminal T2.

Screening system, security cameras are effective in detecting lost belongings
Through visual inspection camera system, Aviation Security Center (ANHK) detects an object took up cars and carry SB 30A-279.70 toward the Thang Long Bridge. Immediately, the center has collaborated with Public Security Station Noi Bai International Airport and invited pursued object of gossip clarified. Subjects had confessed his behavior and property be returned to the customer. Currently, police stations are strengthened to handle records as prescribed.

In another case, more dangerous than the last 30/6 days, security cameras detected Dinh Hung Huynh passengers take flight VN1543 from Noi Bai Phu Cat has come from seizing a mobile phone Iphone 4 Nguyen Thanh Phuong visitors ahead to the plastic tray. Through the inspection and analysis of recorded images from the camera system, passengers Hung admitted his behavior. Center consoles ANHK people and exhibits to the port authority HKMB prescribed treatment.

Most recently, on 1/7, Nguyen Trong Tuan passengers expected to travel on the flight QR835 from Hanoi to Bangkok stole perfume and eyeglasses at the duty free shop business center services. This behavior of passengers Tuan has not "bypassed" by security cameras. Even then, he had been detected at the position 32. Don portal CACK Noi Bai Centre in collaboration with the Port Authority ANHK HKMB recorded in writing and handed over to the Police Station Noi Bai International Airport handled.

Timely reporting, more opportunities to regain lost belongings

Also related to the loss of furniture at the airport, the last time, one of the problems is particularly concerned public opinion is the theft of baggage of air travelers. Reportedly, VN Aviation Administration has taken the total lines in service check luggage at the airport, from the stage of the procedures, screening and baggage handling in the island until you bring up the aircraft in order to detect "holes "," blind spots "enabling bad guys hook theft of baggage of passengers.

The head of the transport sector, the Minister Dinh La Thang has personally inspected the work concierge at Noi Bai International CHK. During this inspection, the Minister requested the functional forces at Noi Bai to strengthen internal monitoring and supervision of the entry of the airport and the media. In particular, the Minister required to install additional surveillance cameras and strictly control the input, the output of the line transfer in areas related to customer goods and cargo areas, if lost cool, breakdowns occur in any stage to detect and responsibilities associated with that stage.

Needless to say, the loss of luggage certainly will not just happen at the airport by the fact, so many major airports around the world are also facing this situation. In other words, for international flights, also can not be ruled hook luggage was stolen at the airport the previous head. However, if this kind of cases, if detected stolen items, passengers should promptly report the relevant authorities. Meanwhile, security cameras, ... screening system can also help prevent, detect objects carry stole out of the airport.

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