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The camera system can control up to 3000 vehicles per hour to measure the concentration of excess emissions regulations and allow the vehicle subject to a $ 200 fine.

Britain was the first country to tax cars based on the amount of carbon dioxide emissions vehicle. The British government made ​​the decision to install cameras to monitor all activities of the media, control emissions, this rule helps a lot in making Britain's environment cleaner and older with vehicular traffic circulation is very large. 

Type of camera used to track vehicles using a laser to scan and detect within 1 second, countries such as the USA and Australia have also used laser cameras to detect vehicles Accuscan 4600 causing environmental pollution. 

This device is based on parameters of solid particle concentrations, carbon monoxide, NOx emissions are included in the base to see how vehicle is released to the environment polluting emissions exceed specified and saved allowing the car number plate car. With stricter regulations on the transport, is coming to the UK leader in environmental protection.


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