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VIVOTEK is pleased to announce the launch of a range of the latest camera models revolutionary with integrated PoE extender in camera - IB8367-R, IB8367 and IB8338-HR-RT. Three lines have designed the ideal camera for outdoor applications. The three models are designed both PoE input and output and can connect directly with other PoE camera system without additional power, so the line can extend network suitable for monitoring system plant area, car park, intersection, sidewalk and outdoor.

The model IB8367-IB8367-R and RT, integrated 2-megapixel CMOS sensor, 1920x1080 resolution at 30 fps. IB8338-HR also equipped 1MP sensor, allowing viewing at 720p resolution, 30 fps. All models feature backlit against WDR function, an infrared filter IR-cut, integrated infrared lights (distance 30 meters effective), Smart Stream, and noise reduction features 3DNR. The camera-R IB8367, IB8367-RT, IB8338-HR has the ability to capture high quality images in low light conditions without taking up a lot of bandwidth. Moreover, IB8367-IB8367-R and RT are specially designed with Smart IR technology, infrared light distribution to avoid being dazzled. To further optimize image quality and sharpness, all three models are equipped with P-iris lens, iris lens control with extremely high accuracy, using a built-in action and maintain optimal aperture through software control interface on the camera

Steve Ma, deputy executive director of VIVOTEK, said, "In order to maintain the excellence of the product portfolio, we have made great efforts to strengthen innovation in form and design of the product . with the aim to meet the needs of customers for solutions, today, we are pleased to introduce a range of IP cameras in the world's first to extend PoE features. IB8367-R, IB8367-RT and IB8338- HR is a revolution in the construction of long-distance monitoring system by removing redundant cable or electrical equipment, and most importantly reduce overall implementation costs, bring more value to our customers I. "
Along with the launch of IB8367-R, IB8367 and IB8338-HR-RT, VIVOTEK also introduced a series of similar models without extensive features integrated POE but still full of superior features like IB8367- R, IB8367 and IB8338-HR-RT. For more information, please find out about the following model: IB8367, IB8367-T-R IB8367, IB8367-RT, FD8167, FD8167-T, FD8367-V, FD8367-IB8338-H TV and on websites VIVOTEK .

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