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Managing a restaurant complex, if you are a bar owner, the bar manager is more complex. All activities of the bar are necessary to be observed, but how can you do it at the same time. Solutions bars camera is the best choice.

With the camera you can:

  • Observe entire bar anywhere, anytime.
  • Tracking the entire staff of customer service: staff looked vehicles, service personnel, parts preparation, cashier ... 
  • Know the number of visitors to the bar, the behavior of each person to the bar. 
  • Reduce time and labor management. 
  • Staff of you will be aware, more self-aware job.

It was great to just one of the high costs has great resources for your work!

For further information, please contact: Company equity security equipment Polytechnic Vietnam, address: No. 9 Lane 40 Phan Dinh Giot, Hanoi. Tel: 04.38688822. website: http: //


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