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The road toll is essential, as the budget for maintaining and improving roads for vehicular traffic, but not any toll booths or regulations also do not have any traffic participants also strictly observe the regulations for a fee. To the charging station works with the purposes of control, check the charging station is essential. The solution is quite effective as CCTV installation for each toll plaza. 

camera cho trạm thu phí

CCTV systems at toll plazas will bring efficiency in the: 

  • Detecting fraud in the sale of tickets through charging station employee causing loss of state revenues. 
  • Back to all evidence of the breach in traffic passing through the station, all images are stored and can be reviewed at any time. 
  • Employees can be controlled through the monitoring system through a camera screen is. 
  • The camera system will observe 24/24 hours. 

With no high-cost, labor-saving but effective work well, the installation of cameras at the toll plaza are recommended and taken seriously

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