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A series of high-rise buildings are built every day, working environment at construction sites is a complex environment. Ongoing work daily with a large number of people, accidents can happen in the process of doing if not careful and safety compliance, loss of material occurs, conflicts at work ... The management of the the school is extremely difficult to solve problems, headaches for builders when their work can not always observe all construction sites.


Choose the installation of CCTV for the school is the most appropriate plan to ensure the safety of people and property in the field, saving cost and time management, but still gives good results real. 


camera site


We should use wireless cameras to the site because it was very inconvenient wiring, use the recorder to record the manager can observe the work and property even when you're sitting in the office. 

Before installing the camera you should learn the security situation in here earlier to make the proper mounting position, the number of camera needed, and protective accessories for cameras outside impact where site is easy to break, broken camera ... 


camera for construction


Benefits camera provides installation site: 


_ You can fully observe the work taking place on site wherever you anywhere and anytime. 

_ Staff, voluntary workers will work when CCTV. 

_ You can track and looks after properties on the site, said the amount of goods and materials entering storage or delivery. 

_ Any risk of incidents are always prompt you to control processing. 



camera for field installation


With reasonable expenses you will have camera systems are great resources for those who manage the site, answering long-standing problems caused nah management headache to find solutions.


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