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Watch your baby all day bored do not know, when she had to grade it so interesting!? Certainly miss her parents and secretly wish could really see she is learning, playing at school while her parents at home, at work or have business trip. So, who can satisfy this desire? How?.


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The development of the Internet system and broadband technology (DSL) has promoted the application of multimedia equipment in Vietnam, now the traditional surveillance system can be implemented through Intranet or the Internet to serve the needs of remote monitoring (Internet camera - short form: ICAM). ICAM system is really different from the conventional generation camera. ICAM is a stand-alone system with a processor installed. ICAM-series devices can be installed anywhere in a wired or wireless network or connection via xDSL / Cable modem. Through a web server has been integrated and high performance, the user can set the cameraonto the Internet to carry out or supervise the live show. This type uses a webcam remotely via the Internet.ICAM system allows multiple users can view images simultaneously through a Web browser, and very handy.

Visual system remotely using the network camera can be applied:

    * Child care, anti-theft in families, factories, factories ...
    * Monitoring, administration and remote management.
    * Consider implementation without teachers.
    * To monitor patients remotely, etc. ...

The monitoring system works day and night, you can view screen TV spot, via LAN and Internet (ADSL). Thus, the board of the school principals and parents to work abroad can still monitor all activities at school (where fitted Camera) vividly. We offer you a solution to implement these features by a system of surveillance cameras remotely over the Internet. You can also save the image as data problem arises occur, such as loss of property, reward or discipline to provide the police if the problem is related to the criminal.

The camera system is really useful for the administration in supervising the quality management of the school teaching and learning, reward and discipline more accurate especially strengthen the confidence of parents andsociety.
"Kids today, tomorrow the world"
Nature and objective:

With the level of social development today. Parents - the parents with a lot of his busy work. What time do they may be of interest, care and attention to their children when they are too small? Want to know how their child in kindergarten when you were sitting working at the agency? Children are very active, the number of preschool teachers in a classroom is not enough to interest all playing activities, eating, sleeping and learning of the baby all day at school. In Japan, the UK, U.S., Malaysia and other countries in the world is not the camera system used in schools where the parents are also encouraged to supervise government children with GPS (GlobalPositioning System - Global Positioning System) radio equipment or supervise children nho.vv ... This shows that surveillance needs, child care is practically inevitable when the economic and social development.

Referral system:
To build a system of ICAM need the following equipment:
● Mic recording (if necessary)
● Recording device (DVR or DVR Card attached to the computer)
● Control Software (Installed on the Server or can be built on the storage DVR system)
● Broadband Internet subscribers
Principle of operation:
● All the camera and microphone signals are recorded and sent back to the center room on a monitor screen.
● From the central office can track the entire teaching and learning activities of each class.
● From the center of the room can hear the sound faithfully (lectures, speeches and sound in class ...).
● You can view the images and sounds from any computer on the LAN from the Internet as well as a login account by the system administrator-level officials.


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