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At the university management students are often complex, there are many problems in university environments in classrooms, dormitories ... management students is always disturbing problem of managers and management students. 


In the clashes may occur, the conflict between the students and the students fight school or out of school, classroom cheating in examination, testing, dormitories stolen items ... all all these acts with force management can not control it all. So the installation of CCTV for college is essential. Camera systems with reasonable cost will force a lot of saves management time and effort that the job completed efficiently, accurately and closely.


Reasonable position to install camera:


camera for universities


_ In classroom to observe students during school hours, hours and hours of test execution, test teaching quality of teachers 

_ In addition to monitoring the school grounds after hours activities of students 

_ Port field, access control on 

_ Zone to prevent theft halls and conflicts between students 

_ To monitor Garage Driveway 


Benefits of installing cameras: 


camera for hostels


_ Reduce the manager, supervisor looks contest, car holder and still effectively manage high 

_ Observe the 24/24 hours, and anywhere 

_ There is a direct image and save 

_ Limit brawl, stolen items in the 

_ Create the relationship between the school and parents when ohuj always supervise children when at school 

JSC security equipment Polytechnic Vietnam is the leading supply and installation of CCTV, camera accessories ...


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