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CCTV for workshop - Installation of CCTV is now very necessary for the workshops, the fact is that CCTV security, human safety and property to the factory, to help manage and control operational and efficient police work of the employees, the production line.

With rich years of experience our company specialized design consultation, installation of camera systems satcho workshops with various genuine products of good quality, richly configured, the features will meet all needs of customers.

To enhance professionalism in your business, offer solutions cameracho factories and warehouses.
Just 1 movement though where you can monitor all activities of the machinery as well as employees in our factory now, his office. Continuous monitoring and accurate assessment morale of employees. Security guarantees for the assets, and facilities at the factory though you were there or not.

Bach Khoa Viet with a team of experienced technicians and high sense of responsibility to ensure the customer brings a CCTV system to ensure quality for the most reasonable cost, and long-term warranty. Design and construction of CCTV systems on demand workshops, genuine technique. Construction, quick installation even in difficult conditions.

camera quan sát

You need to buy or install timekeeper. Please contact the following address for consulting can assist our customers with a quality security system the most complete protection, providing you with the most total injustice.
For further information please contact: JSC security equipment Polytechnic Vietnam, address: No. 9 Lane 40 Phan Dinh Giot, Hanoi. phone number: 0438.688.822. Website:

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