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In the United States, experts are developing a camera capable of "seeing" the invisible traces, whether it be bloodstains or other fluids, according to the news agency UPI. 

A research team at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, said technology called "multi-style shooting in infrared heat" will have useful applications in the field of criminal investigation and many other activities. 

In a report published in the Journal of Analytical Chemistry of the American Chemical Society recently, two expert Michael Myrick, Stephen Morgan and colleagues suggest that luminol testing methods, the main tool to detect traces of blood and other fluids in the body at the crime scene, there are certain restrictions and less impact on the survey results. For example, luminol is potentially toxic, dilute blood solutions that difficult to conduct DNA tests, or can give false-positive results by reacting to things such as detergents, rust clay, carbonated soft drinks and coffee. In this study, the American experts have described the construction and successful testing a camera to capture images in a variety of ways. 

It can take hundreds of pictures in a few seconds, as well as illumination of the object by the wave pulses of infrared light invisible. 

Some photos were taken through special filters, which functions to prevent specific wavelengths, allowing certain chemical components to stand out from their surroundings. 

Camera can "see" the blood is diluted to levels only a part blood in 100 parts water. 

In tests, the camera is capable of making models and invisible traces emerge on the different fabrics. 

It can also distinguish between blood, household bleach, rust, fizzy drinks and coffee. 

CCTV of American researchers also found success waterline they actively invisible printed onto a fabric sample.

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