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Faced tour guide China illegally travel riot Vietnam, Mr Tran Chi Cuong - Deputy Director of the Da Nang Tourism Department, said the tourism activities underground and Vietnam distorting history of a Chinese people in recent years is very dangerous and should be stopped immediately. The unit is working with the authorities and the use of surveillance data tracing persons Vietnam distorting history for handling according to law.

Concerning the numerous cultural acts, affecting the local tourism industry, leaders of Da Nang City People's Committee has written to direct the agencies and units to focus check, check on tourism activities localities, especially the guides (HDV) in Chinese without a license.

Faced with China HDV distorting history in the Linh Ung Pagoda, My Khe Beach Da Nang ... Leadership requires relevant agencies to implement measures to regulate tourist activities, ensuring in accordance with the provisions of law of Vietnam. The city required the Department of Tourism in coordination with the police and the forces function device security surveillance cameras enhance the inspection determines the units and individuals that have questionable travel activities, HDV left allow localities. Strictly deal with the travel agencies, hotels, tour guides have abetted acts of foreigners illegally travel activities. Department has received documents including photos, videos of many Chinese do underground tour guide in Vietnam and will conduct investigation and deporting handle HDV violations.

"Functional forces continue to track cases of foreigners doing business in international travel illegally treated, remind. If they relapse detection may request the Immigration Department conducted the deportation measures, refusing entry, "Cuong said.

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Photos HDV China without a license in Danang

Da Nang leaders also requested the Immigration Department in the Central and Immigration Management Office - City police strictly control the entry and exit of foreign nationals regularly cross the territory of Vietnam.

"The Department of Tourism has organized public awareness and alert the tour operators and tour guides, recommended travel agencies sign agreements to ensure correct operation of the provisions for the development of local tourism. So far the tour operators specialized in exploiting Chinese visitors has committed no violations, "said Cuong information.

This position also adds, the Department is working with HDV City Club reviewing and updating the list of licensed tour guides, first Chinese tour guide. Then, the unit will classify the HDV specific activities freely or under business / management unit; assessed the qualifications, competence, professional ethics of each HDV to take measures to strengthen the management.

"We will also coordinate with other relevant authorities, appoint a person disguised as tourists, tour guides to track the status of Chinese tourism activities underground. The department also has proposed parks, tourist attractions camera installed in the play area to extract data for the relevant authorities in case of need, "he said Cuong.

Deputy Director Department also said that the unit is working with the relevant authorities to investigate clarify information on some tour guide China Vietnam distorting history.

According to him, from January 5/2016 far the Department has cooperated with the authorities to detect and sanction violations Korean 5, in the amount of 90 million, 2 Koreans put under no entry within 3 years. The functional forces also discovered and sanctioned Vietnam 4 guides violations during practice 20 million; sanctioned Company Limited Trading and Tourism Landscape has 3 violations and deprive 20 million international travel license for 24 months.

"Yesterday, Chairman Huynh Duc Tho City also decisions of administrative sanctions for 6 120 million Chinese people violating regulations on entry, HDV practice not authorized by the competent authority" Mr Cuong said.

Please protect tourism and cultural values, the history of Vietnam by the resolute handling individuals and organizations deliberately violated. If you have evidence of violations, please send immediately to the relevant authorities to join hands to protect the environment of Vietnam tourism.

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