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With such a broad scale, the issue of security monitoring and management department is particularly concerned. Requirements set out is how to ensure security for the doors as well as the outer space, but you can monitor customer transactions can be monitored both by the showroom staff. To solve the above problems Truong Hai has entrusted this responsibility to the system's Camera CCTV on Vietnam.

Monitoring purposes in automobile showroom

- Monitor and manage customer service quality

- Protection of assets in showrooms as cars, equipment, components ...

- Control of import cars daily

- Store security kept monthly data

The benefits of installing CCTV Showroom

- Monitoring in place and focused through the internet: Help for senior executives in the office (only with a laptop computer or mobile phone) governance can work in all the showrooms and warehouse any time of 24 hours. Senior executives can monitor and test any other area in each showroom and warehouse at any time of day without having to directly.

- Ensuring regional security 24/24 showroom and doors.

- Save travel time on the road, transport costs and increase labor productivity.

- Broad and deep range control from managers to employees.

- Observe the work attitude and customer services staff.

- Prevent timely intrusion acts warehouse theft, especially at night.

- Determine the cause of loss of or loss of property, materials or equipment order spare parts Oto occurs.

- Remote monitoring patrols of security forces showroom and warehouse at night.

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