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Tourist services in Thailand have security?

Tourism Authority of Thailand - Thailand is the country attracted a lot of tourists come from Vietnam, relatively cheap ticket prices and the warmth of the people of the host country. Thailand has many famous tourist attractions such as Bangkok, Chiangmai, Phuket. Especially for foreign visitors, tourism in Thailand is an attractive destination and international visitors flock to Thailand more and more with many different components, especially in the key tourist area. To address the complaint of foreign visitors to Thailand's tourist police more, relating to assault, theft, fraud, computer refreshments and fun to play with the "cut neck, besides often happens many cases foreign tourists taking advantage of loopholes and deceiving each other. Recently, the country authorities notified measures to implement the protection of travelers are considered new in the world.

Installation of the system talk to Court TV

According to the notice of the Chairman of the Managing Board of the airport management company Thailand (AOT) Sita Divari, this 23-9 days, Thailand will launch the first court airport at Suvarnabhumi international airport, the largest this country, located in the province of Samut Prakan, about 25 km from the capital Bangkok to the southeast.

Airport Suwannaphoom

Courtroom first time placed on the 3rd floor of the passenger terminal, which will then be transferred to a permanent location in the 6th floor of the building to automotive airport. The room is 46m2 area installations connected TV Talk court Samut Prakan Province, where the judge will consider the incident from a distance. This is the CCTV system of modern, integrated wireless technology, online TV through the satellite system, the Internet. This system is applied in many conferences, online seminars.

According to a recent report said that in the first eight months of this year, at the airport, there was 1,980 with 1,047 crime suspects. According to Sita, the opening of the court will help improve the tourism image of "country smile", reduce crime at the airport. Court to receive complaints from tourists 24/24, will be flexible if foreign tourists want to exit folded and put on trial for the events calendar under the appropriate time. The same court will soon be opened at Don Muang airport and Phuket.

Earlier this month, a court in Thailand has opened the country's first tourist resort at Pattaya, specializing adjudicate cases involving tourists, punish criminals and create confidence for travelers. Because many of the grievances of the past time visitors are often quite slow processor. This court does not work the hours that follow the service administration, judging all night for the short-stay. The court established to meet the travel needs of tourists who want to have an effective legal process, quick and correct under the laws of Thailand. Expected in the coming time, the court will have more of this kind have been made at the famous tourist destinations such as Phuket, Chiang Mai and Bangkok.

Installation of CCTV in taxis

Ministry of Transport of Thailand is considering a plan to protect the safety of passengers, especially foreign tourists used the taxi service, by forcing taxis to be fitted with camera equipment in the cabin . In addition, the camera on the car also eliminates the driver refused visitors. The camera is mounted on the cabs can record images and voices, help authorities identify the evolutions on the car once the incident. Expected new regulations will be applied within the next three months. We have about 100,000 taxis registered with the road traffic management in Thailand, of which about 70,000 vehicles operated by taxi companies and the rest are private firms registered under.

Thailand is preparing to implement synchronous measures to attract more tourists to the country identified the tourism sector is becoming the spearhead of economic growth. Tourism Authority of Thailand forecast this year, Thailand will welcome around 26 million visitors, earning 1.170 billion baht.

Protecting the safety of travelers are prioritized implementation in Thailand. Bangkok, one of the many tourists welcome, made installing more cameras on streets to prevent crime. /.

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