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According to incomplete statistics of the Police Department criminal investigation of the social order, the Ministry of Public Security, in 2015 happened 24 842 thefts of property, not to mention the theft in which the victim does not open newspaper. Theft crime situation more professional and more sophisticated with extremely cheeky tricks shown on the thefts which were published in the press. Therefore to protect the safety of yourself and your family, be fitted up for a camera system integrated alarm.

With the development of technology, Polytechnic Vietnam has succeeded in combining video surveillance systems and intruder alarm systems into one unified system operating on camera recorder (DVR camera will work 1 cabinets as GSM alarm center).

Camera systems - alarms will operate as a unified whole, transmit and receive data from devices connected, you can monitor the images obtained from the camera, listen to audio received from the mic and when there are signs effective intrusion will alert you immediately.

bat trom security system

The effects of camera systems - Alarm:

- Observe wherever you can view camera images obtained from anywhere with internet or 3G smart phones, laptops, computers ... Camera System - Full alarm 1 function of the CCTV system normally.

- Alarms whenever signs or intruders: Whenever there are signs of intrusion as pry the door, broken glass, climbing wall, sensor signals intercept ... then the alarm sensors located in the that position will transmit a signal to the camera recorder and audio processing on-site alarm and send a message, call the landlord to notify violations.

- Detecting signs of crime from within, through a camera recording images and sound from the mic recording. You will have evidence to show signs of crime to investigate or provide public security organs.

- To address the shortcomings of the camera and alarm: The camera system with simple, you just see the pictures that you can not sit and watch cameras 24/7 so when there is an intruder, you are not guilty knowing that only the camera can view recorded images, but with professional criminals are often masked and act quickly, the camera recorded video to give the investigating agencies is not enough. Alarm system overcomes this drawback of the camera, when there is any sign of break-in when an alarm system is activated, you will know immediately. But you just know that there is an intruder can not find them anywhere, doing anything, if you are not careful you want to arrest the intruder, you might get hurt, this is the lack of an alarm system . To ensure the best protection many should mount both camera and alarm system but if so, the cost will be very high. With synchronous solutions cameras and alarm systems into one system will solve all the above shortcomings and save a lot of money for you.

activity diagrams integrated alarm camera

- Making the psychological barrier when someone intends to commit a crime: With sufficient evidence both images and sounds will make anyone with criminal intentions are to fear. For those who intended to sabotage, hacking, theft from outside, the alarm system will have to be discouraged, but abandoned the idea because when there is an alarm, you can open the camera to see what's right is happening in that area.

- Cost savings for you: Now you will not have to pay for 1 and 1 alarm system camera system anymore, but just use the camera system - our alarm with full functions of the 2 cameras and alarm system will ensure the highest security for yourself and your family.

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