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CCTV - effective solution for all apartments

The downside of a developing economy and it is the integration of social evils and more, the ingredients theft now not simply take away property that sometimes threatens the life of the city family members. Especially in the sumptuous villa when the owner often absent, lack of managers, the theft broke into the house to take away valuable assets is inevitable when we are in their sights Crime. Therefore the observation camera plays an important role and is an effective solution for every apartment.

At work you always feel restless, you always have a concern will be about risk to their families, who make, maid you hire honest or not? Does your assigned house and his beloved son for their management is correct or not? You only need to install a camera system monitoring the maid, through what you saw through the camera you can evaluate certain parts of my maids.

Here we will share you a little sevoi experience on the selection of the appropriate camera for your family and your home, you need to monitor your whole house when you often do not have at home. We will help you choose your apartment for a reasonable camera.

Selecting appropriate camera:

- You should select with infrared cameras to observe the day and night.

- Resolution depending on the purpose and your budget.

- These types of cameras are commonly used ceiling tiles and installed in the living room, kitchen, children's room ...

- Fixed camera installed at the garden office, the front porch, back porch ...

- DVR from 4 to 8 channel DVR select appropriate hard drive can record within two weeks as is.

Camera installation position for apartments:

- Doors note when installing you should avoid light in the opposite direction, if you can put straight out the door will be more suitable, because the camera will not be looking out saw nothing during the day. On the market today there is some kind of anti-light cameras, CCTV light against higher priced cameras if the restrictions normally cost you to choose the exact installation position.

- At the back door, you should use the ceiling cameras to look broader, because the backyard of your house is not spacious, if you have a large yard house in the backyard, you'd use body cameras.

- Stairs is a rise and fall of a building also needs to be focused where you can observe the thieves moved in our house.

- Garden surveillance camera installation are included garden of the building and the door

- Corridor can use infrared to type overview from above, you can save a lot of costs, an essential note when you use the outdoor camera can be attached directly to prioritize the camera can withstand rain and avoid contact with water and cause damage.

If you just observe one area, you can use wireless IP camera stream using wifi with ability to rotate all directions, you can view wireless IP cameras on our product pages.

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