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You can store fashion, gold, silver or restaurant ... You often have to go out? You want to regularly observe your store, staff supervision at the store.

CCTV system for our store will help you.

camera quan sát


The CCTV system is simple and inexpensive, you can often observe stores and supervise the work of staff.

Model CCTV system for the stores.

Camera Model for Supermarket

CCTV system include:

+ CCTV ceiling shape (Dome Camera): EBM-CM520 number 03

  • Image Sensor 1/4 "Sony CCD.
  • Resolution 500 TVLines image.
  • Sensitivity 1Lux/F1.2

Camera infrared night observation outdoor: CI-CM520-ICR number 01

  • Image Sensor 1/4 "Sony CCD.
  • TVLines 500 resolution.
  • Sensitivity 1Lux / 0.
  • Infrared LED 24 pcs. Range 10 ~ 15m night

+ Digital Video Recorder: EB-5104HV number 01

  • 4 channel DVR. (PAL / NTSC)
  • Output BNC and VGA simultaneously.
  • H.264 video compression standard
  • See faster network speeds.
  • Lets look at the network, copy data to USB.

+ Hard Drive 500GB Western:

  • Storage for 14 days. You can review or copy your data to your computer when needed. • •

Package Price: 7,150,000 VNĐ • (Not including 10% VAT)

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