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Museum is the repository of documents, ancient artifacts are not only invaluable historical, cultural, but also have great monetary value, you can not replace any public artwork being undermined and therefore protecting these assets is extremely important. The protection of works of art is essential and is a work of tremendous significance. The valuable exhibits in the museum is always a prime target of thieves. Therefore to ensure the safety and protection of documents and artifacts in the museum, the solution installed security cameras is a need to implement measures to prevent corrupt legal acts, theft of hospital property Museum.

National History Museum

The advantages of IP camera security system for Museum

Easy installation: Museum is often very difficult place to go wire by forms of property and building architecture. New monitoring technologies - IP camera system makes installation easy, simply use a rope to install. IP Camera provides exceptional flexibility: you can install the entire museum and connected via internal networks without setting up complex wiring. Even IP cameras also operate in a WiFi network environment.

Remote access: DVR camera enables remote direct view optic local network or the Internet. Security personnel and protection can monitor security video footage and even access remote camera via PC, mobile phone, tablet, laptop. This can help security personnel walked week monitoring other areas, improve the effectiveness of protection.

Theft prevention: Besides monitoring well works, the art security cameras can closely monitor areas such as ticket office, souvenir stalls, dining area, storage room and other places in the museum. Using the camera will help you keep track of suspicious behavior and potential thieves.

Employee theft: Theft of employees is always a concern at the museum. CCTV can help track all employees when they worked in the museum since it can know the capabilities of the staff working at the same time can prevent theft if any.

Vandalism protection: The artwork and priceless relics could be destroyed at any time, this is really a big problem for the museum. Especially the artifacts on display are always within reach of tourists to visit. Using surveillance cameras help to prevent acts of vandalism and allow security personnel can promptly detect these potential threats.

The problems noted when installing security camera systems

Privacy: There is no doubt that the problem should be installed cameras in the entire museum, but there are some areas where the camera should be limited to ensure privacy: toilet, getaway staff…

Damage and vandalism: Whenever you have installed cameras in public areas are likely to occur the camera sabotage or tampering. Therefore, you need to have security measures and backup support in case the camera signal is lost.

These questions need to be answered before installing a camera system for Museum

The security threat largest museums is what?
At the museum there is no lack of security personnel?
Currently, the security system at the museum include?
These artifacts are exhibited in museums like?
Are there any other artifacts not on display?
All exits and entrances are security personnel?
Following the theft occurred at the museum yet?
You already have experience with the destructive behavior yet?
The issue of employee theft is a concern not?
The region's major museums vulnerable to theft and vandalism with?
Value artifacts on display at the museum?
The most valuable objects?
Consulting security camera installation for Museum

Installation of cameras in all the ports, the hallway to keep track of all the activities that visitors to the staff, galleries, museums or libraries.
All exhibits the art collection of high value are needed to monitor the camera settings. If necessary to install additional alarm sensor to protect.
Areas with works of great value should be noted special protection
Installation of security cameras in the storage area containing additional collections or items.
All regional transportation artifacts must be monitored and recorded.

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