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lắp đặt camera - Airports which receive a huge number of visitors every day, where security sector should be particularly noted. Security team to be very professional and have been equipped with sophisticated equipment such as camera support, radios ... to always ensure the safety of customers and luggage, so the flight was smooth safety. Security forces in this operation will not be easy by nature very crowded and the traffic is very complicated components. 


camera ở sân bay


To be able to monitor the operation of the airport will not overlook any place, at any time, the camera installation is essential, security devices will help security forces observed many situations the first time and in many different locations of the airport. 


camera san bay


Positions need to install CCTV at the airport: 


  • Gourmet major airport, home to many passengers waiting. 
  • Desk ticketing counters at the airport. 
  • Door map control, test papers. 
  • Room waiting for the flight. 
  • Flight Area.


When airports are full camera system, security forces can observe and timely handling of all situations when the camera image transmission to minimize theft at airport maps, customer psychology Security attention to your flight. 


Camera supportive for low cost security that ensures safety for passengers 24/24 hours for any updated information promptly, do not miss.


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