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The inspection, registration of motor vehicles in traffic is extremely important, but it usually occurs several stages negative. Registry staff deliberately not doing the right process, ignore the error, lowering standards for personal profit car leads to poor circulation affects the quality of information security and prestige part of the registration activities . 


lắp đặt camera ở đăng kiểm


Want to improve the quality of work and trust the people to inspect and control the operation of the registration stations, to do so, the installation of the station cameratai registration is essential. 


The camera system will transfer the recorded images to servers located in the Registry Department. The installation of the camera will make the registration staff to work more seriously, adhere to strict process if camera images reflect their fraud will be handled according to regulations. All pictures are recorded, if not counter-current to the violation, after which time if there will also be taken to reflect the review and processing. Even the owners of means of bribery registry staff also detected and severely dealt with. 


Each station should have 3 cameras registry to operate effectively, the camera will record two images, one camera is used to observe. 


With this option would probably repel registration fraud, regain confidence in the people.


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