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With the desire to bring satisfaction to customers on purchases at "" we have rules in case you want to change or return, to ensure that the products you buy are products the most pleasant.


  1. Where the goods are paid, barter:


  • Where the goods are paid, barter: Every wrong types and designs as you order.
  • Not enough, not enough of such in order.
  • The external situation affected packaging torn, peeling, breaking ...
  • False information covered by the warranty policy of ""
  • Defective goods, do not qualify as not operate, other fault within the warranty of suppliers, manufacturers ...


  1. In case of refusal to renew or pay:


  • Send the correct aviation models, not the row of "".
  • Violation of regulations on use of the manufacturer (wrong plug zig, mounting / charging incorrect specifications, hack / crack products, drop ...)
  • Warranty expired or does not implement the provisions under the guidelines to receive warranty.
  • Goods returned without any error arising during transport from the customer to "".


  1. Commitment to quality:


To maintain credibility with customers and for the company, we are committed to all the goods are genuine, genuine and 100% new.


"" is not liable if the goods are lost or damaged during transportation from where you come, "".


To avoid risks, please please check carefully product status before signing the handover "" will not be liable for misleading product once you signed the receipt.


  1. Time & procedures for change of payment:


When requested change delivery please please contact "" (during office hours) on goods want to change as soon as possible. Meanwhile, customer care department will actively call to customer support and detailed instructions how to barter.


  1. Warranty period:


Warranty 1 for 1 for 6 months.


  1. Change payment procedures:


  • Packing all products in the bag or box that "" sent to the customer. Please specify the reason for each product that you want to change or return on sales invoice with the product.
  • Item can not convert or pay bills without "" comes.
  • If you are far away, even after shipping, please email or contact the customer care department of "" notice and the current state of every other specifics.
  • Fee change delivery service sent by the customer will pay.
  • Upon receipt, the company technicians will check and respond to you or to actively communicate with customers to solve the problem (if any).


We hope to continue to receive the support and feedback of customers to increasingly better services and bring satisfaction.




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