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Currently the installation of camera surveillance system for car journey, the truck has become so popular as to bring practical benefits to the users. Surveillance cameras not only monitor cruise passengers, driver monitoring, style, attitude of staff serving in the car ..., that the installation of CCTV systems on the bus journey was protected by the interests of passengers and the driver (in case of accident), many cases recorded images from the camera operator protection for drivers such as tantrums cases deliberately, the accident caused by any majeure, fault of other persons ...

However the selection of one system installed surveillance cameras on the car journey also need to research thoroughly to choose appropriate camera but also not simple. Polytechnic Vietnam would like to introduce one of the selection criteria CCTV journey so you can choose an optimum camera system and the most effective.

The resolution of the camera

The resolution of the camera is the first important factor you need to know, the resolution will be proportional to the quality of the image. Higher resolution camera images obtained as strokes. Especially in poor lighting conditions, the camera has HD or higher resolution and better light sensitivity (as low as 0.1Lux) will give a better video than other devices even if the day does not seem so different. Ask the salesperson to show you the actual demo video before buying to avoid incorrect image quality parameters recorded on camera.

Capacity memory card slot

Related to the resolution of the camera's storage capacity. You should note that the resolution of the camera the more higher the capacity to store image data. So when choosing, you should care whether the device supports many memory card slot (or hard drive) and the maximum size is. Choose the storage capacity by number of camera you use. Avoid too little space image data is overwritten.

Power Supplies

There are two common types of power supply for the camera's journey regularly feed and autonomous power supply. Typically, the device will support port and the Cigar without much attention to it. But consider if the selected device supports batteries (autonomous sources), because the characteristics of continuous operation, the battery life will rapidly decrease and encounter major problems when the battery no quality assurance as flow batteries, device error, the device does not work ... and the camera may be damaged because the battery. Therefore, even the camera firm leading Korean journey not use batteries for their devices. For the 3G camera system is required to use the power supply from the vehicle to ensure the camera can operate continuously and stably. Camera source is important because it provides the power supply for the system activity so you should use a direct feed from the vehicle to ensure stable system operation.

Number of supported camera port

The journey newest camera supporting 2 ports cameras, a main camera for observing distant and a secondary camera to monitor the car, you can monitor the back, sides and both cockpit car.

If you would like to install more than the camera, you can select the recorder 3G system can provide you with up to 4 CCTV.

Watch video remote

For normal cruise camera, you can only watch live as you sit in the car, you can not be so remote view camera usually mounted cruise only on personal cars. And you are managing multiple passenger cars, trucks, you need to opt for a dedicated 3G camera system to be able to view more remote car at the same time. You can sit in the executive office and monitor vehicle operations simple and easy.

Features support

These high-end products will have more features than the driver assistance, even though in many but we appreciated two features that speed limits and warning mode when parking. Speeding warnings to include warning functions as a means of changing the acceleration, abrupt direction. It will be useful when you are asleep or drunk.

In the parking mode, the device will automatically take a picture and increase the sensitivity of the collision sensor helps you to get the evidence crime or vandalism when the vehicle is parked. To do this, regardless of a power supply for the device.

View camera software

View camera software allows you to watch video with ease and in more detail. Take your time to learn about this issue. The new life journey outside camera software supports video analytics software to synthesize the route, time statistics, the velocity of the vehicle according to the given time period. It is quite useful for businesses who want to manage their vehicles.

We hope that these experiences will help you in the process of looking for a camera surveillance system optimization journey to become "trusted companion on all roads".

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