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cctv power adaptor

The power for CCTV camera,mostly do with 12V DC,PTZ camera will be with 24V AC/DC,some home use camera maybe use 5V DC.If the power adapter is installed in waterproof case,this case mostly use big size,because cameras are working all the time,big case will be easy to make the temperature down. 
Here is some tips to choose the power adapter: 
1. When CCTV camera marked with DC12V/AC24V,and both can be used,which kind to choose? 
Choose the AC24V mostly, because in same transfer distance,the higher the voltage,the smaller the loss of the data. 

2. How to calculate the power of one whole security system? 
This is not simply to sum the power for all cameras,since the start current for camera is big,and for long distance cameras,there will be some loss for the power, so mostly we add 30% for total power of the cameras,and add 30W for the loss,add 30W for the expansion in future. 

3. What's the most important thing we should avoid when choose the power for projects. 
The most important thing is never using one power supply for the whole security system. 
1) When there are some problems and need to repair,we will mostly open and close the power supply,if all cameras open in the same time,the start current is very big,this will make a big impact for the power supply,if the impact too big,the power supply will be burned. 

2) If all cameras using one power supply,when there is a problem,all security system can’t work,some important data will loss,such as the image for entrance and exit or other important place. 

4. What other issue we should pay attention to when choose the power supply? 

1) When we install the power supply,don't connect the near and far cameras in same power supply,the reason is when the voltage is high,the cameras near maybe burned ,and there will be no image for the long distance cameras.We should connect the long distance cameras in one power supply and the closer cameras in one power supply. 

2) If the there is a long distance between the cameras and power supply,we should use higher voltage power supply,such as 30V,36V,or make the normal 220v/110v AC power close to cameras and change the DC with power adapter then.

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