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H.264 compression standard was opened officially announced in 2003 , is now ready to support advanced compression technology and the most effective . And it is gradually being put into industry standard compression technology security surveillance images . H.264 ( also known as MPEG- 4 Part 10/AVC for Advanced Video Coding or MPEG - 4 AVC ) it inherits the advantages of previous compression . At the same time the use of compression algorithms and new modes of communication complex images , compression method and image transmission which uses H.264 standard has significantly reduced bandwidth data and video transmissions .

With the compression and transmission of information in H.264 standard to 50 % reduced bandwidth and file size data storage compared to current conventional compression ( compression usually now being widely used is MPEG Part 2 -4 ) and over 80 % reduction of bandwidth and file size compared to storing data compressed using Motion JPEG standard . It shows us the same system if we use the new compression standard we have doubled the storage space and network bandwidth is halved , the benefits that we see right away is to save costs video data in half compared to systems using compression routine. In addition, the transmission bandwidth up images halved , so the cost of network bandwidth leasing also significantly reduced . Or we can increase the image quality monitoring doubled but still ensure bandwidth and storage time as before. This is a huge advantage , because with a great security system , problem solving network bandwidth and storage time is very complex . With H.264 compression it has solved many such problems .

With the reduction of bandwidth H.264 stream pushed for high-definition camera ( aka Megapixel Camera ) with strong growth opportunities . With the monitoring system is important to the image clarity selection of high-definition cameras and recorders supporting H.264 is perfectly reasonable .

H.264 is a new wind is expected to create more vitality to promote the development of developing security surveillance stronger.


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