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  1. Conditions of Participation


  • You (the buyer) to the primary cardholder (including ATM cards or credit cards), and 
  • Card accounts have registered to use the transfer service or SMS Banking Internet Banking / Mobile Banking Bank card issuance.


  1. Rights and responsibilities of card-issuing banks 


  • Bank card issuers (banks) are making a payment intermediary between buyers and sellers (by way of deductions from the account of the buyer to return the card to the seller's account) 
  • Banks make payment upon receipt of a valid command (as defined) from the purchaser and the balance in the account should be sufficient to make payments. 
  • The Bank is responsible for ensuring the correct payment amount (equal to the value of the order) that the purchaser requests (payment orders). 
  • In case of complaints between buyers and sellers, the banks will deal with written complaints resolved within that customer and seller reach an agreement with each other, or resolved by decision of law enforcement agencies law. 


  1. Rights and responsibilities of BKV 


  • BKV (the seller) may lodge a complaint with the bank to find improper payments as required. 
  • Been reported with cash on account. 
  • The seller must ensure that goods and services are delivered as notifications to customers. 


  1. Rights and responsibilities of the client (the buyer) 


  • Customers have the right to complain to the bank to see improper payments as required. 
  • Customers have the right to complain to the seller when the goods are delivered but not his request. 
  • Customers are responsible for coordinating with the seller or the bank to resolve the complaints mentioned above. 


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