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Production base and the factory will be guaranteed safety by the help of surveillance cameras. Theft problem materials, materials such as wood, copper and precious metals in the peak hours and the night the thief behind the industrial base as well as other depots base with greater frequency. Many plants rely on the safety and security of trade and technology to continue to compete in their market. Installation of surveillance camera system will help protect the overall plant, staff and materials, in addition to support you retain competitiveness in a growing market.

Tư vấn lắp đặt hệ thống camera cho Nhà máy

The advantages of camera surveillance system at factory

Theft prevention: Video surveillance cameras have proven practical for preventing theft in anywhere are displayed clearly, and in case you are robbed factory, a sophisticated CCTV can help you identify the criminals and prosecute these people.

Quality Inspection: The development of digital camera technology is making the production quality control and security through video surveillance more feasible. CCTV will help you keep track of the current quality control lot faster and use more cost-effective.

Remote Monitoring: Using camera video recorder DVR or NVR with security system allows you to transmit video surveillance footage on the web and this can help you check the camera whenever a simple. This is certainly beneficial when you have to manage a fairly large plant or several locations. Additional DVR DVR or NVR cameras allow security personnel now easily implement additional protection tasks (such as patrolling directly) rather than having to look at a video screen all day long .

Labor safety: Security cameras can be placed near dangerous machinery to observe automated system safely or even protect workers from possible damage. This continues to be the reason that the security camera monitoring the priority use over the years and it will continue to develop further and more efficiently with the development of technology.

Easy to install: the new HD surveillance system is easy to install. Many new camera just use a wire to transmit power, video and audio. This lends itself to the installation and maintenance easier.


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