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Today orderly society becoming increasingly complex, has a lot of suicide bombings, bomb dangerous crowd, killing people. Based on technology identifies abnormal signs to stress that the Chinese scientists are conducting research and launched mini camera detects rapid bombing suspects. The success of this research will help China to find out who bombed lethal dose to people in the crowd when the bomb or suicide. 


The research team at the University of the Southwest - Chongqing - China measure the concentration of oxygen in the blood through the body parts in category "stress sensor" creates. Concentration in blood higher oxidative stress levels made ​​higher. 

Crowded places very easily lead to the bombing of the device will be identified through facial expressions, heart rate or body temperature. Red face will be marked with the gauge has a high suspicion. Who hardly expected to be normal if the mood behavior should prepare to bomb devices will be based on the level of stress to assess. 

Whatever has been successfully tested in the laboratory, but to put this kind of camera to use in life, it is still a long way, when all the relevant laws enacted perhaps the device was put into to use.

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