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Camera journey - from Smart Solutions

Camera recent journey became popular, can be considered a toy car is quite "hot" now. Many people consider whether to invest a box for my driver. You have a car and are wondering whether or not mounted cruise camera, read this article and make the decision yourself offline.

When writing articles referenced from multiple sources and documents on the website. Then aggregated view how should choose. In this article I will summarize the information you've learned, hopefully will be useful to you.

Camera journey

First weigh the pros and cons. You can ask the question is ...

The benefits of the journey is what camera?

Can summarize the following key benefits:

As a security measure to protect the driver and protect vehicles. There are pictures, you can prove your case in falsely accused when colliding with other vehicles (especially motorcycles cross head), or when incorrect offside Police (red light error, for example) . When traveling, I fear the most is unfairly penalized and collided with the motorcycle (or enlist a lot of wriggle). Camera journey will help me in that case.
As a recreational toys. Record beautiful pictures on the way. Imagine you go phượt by car, through the beautiful pine distance Dalat, or triangle of Ha Giang barley ... The road is also beautiful moments give you a wealth of memorable images without stopping smart phone or put up shooting. Cam journey that helps you.
Tool to contribute to the social order. This is convenient when you support their protection, also indirectly protect others by recording devices in the car. As I heard and read on the internet, some cases car thieves were caught thanks to pictures on the Cam journey of cars behind. So is the camera on the vehicle contributed evil than killing time and then nothing.
The benefit is that, but also not without disadvantages. So you should also take a moment to learn about ...

The disadvantage of the camera cruise

Truly, I do not see any major harm, but will also have the disadvantages if you decide to mount this image recording devices in the car:

Investment cost, from a few million to tens of millions for a device (like any other toy cars). Buy toys that have lost money.
Recording device in an objective, so much as it is evidence against you if you violate traffic, or a foul in certain collisions. Surely in that case, many people will not give unfavorable image. However, its existence also brings discomfort to the vehicle owner then.
The picture is not pretty, even negative front of the car (such as a crash), the review may leave a bad impression with the driver.
Other annoyances can also occur when the camera recording functions in the car. Imagine, if the guy digging flower children confided to long leg in the car, but to hear his wife committed to a recording through the journey. How likely is it? Broken bottom!
Advantages and disadvantages are, you should consider whether the investment is not offline. If not caught in economics, investment is still more. The other disadvantages, if any, shall be etched side.

Once you decide to purchase, you should learn to see ...

cameras for automobiles

Installation location where cam journey?

Theoretically, you can mount the camera in any itinerary position on the car: from mid mirrors, front windshield, front bumper, radiator ... If you need to add the rear, or side.

But I think that there are two most popular positions. Rear mirror between, looks neat on power lines, and does not cause vision problems. Another option is mounted on tablo.

And next is ...

These parameters should be considered when selecting the camera journey

Screen, wifi (to retrieve data) does not. If no, when you have to see the memory card attached to a smartphone or laptop.

Video resolution: VGA (640 * 480), HD (1280 * 720), Full HD (1920 * 1080), 4K (3840 * 2160).
Capacity memory card support, so choose the minimum 16GB
Power supply: autonomous (battery) or through gate cigar.
Has GPS support it? If yes, the journey of the car will be shown on the Google map. You can set the speed limit if the speed limit device that will sound warning beeps.
Wide angle, should choose 140 degrees minimum.
Technology: G-Sensor, Motion Detection
Number of eyes (port) camera

When choosing vehicles fitted for their orange, the price is indeed one of the factors that I consider the most. Appreciated the mercy of money, despite knowing map more genuine and of good quality. They feared Cheap select the "leper".

Cam cruise prices also vary from several hundred to several million. Type can slap on the tens of millions, or even more. As I understand, the popularity for midsize and affordable in the range of 3-5 million is stable.

Option to purchase any kind of fits within your budget and make sure to meet your needs is something worth thinking.

Some popular brands today

I learn in Vietnam saw the doctor or used vehicle owners one of the following common types:

Vision Drive (Korea)
BlackVue (Korea)
Genius (Taiwan)
Papago (Taiwan)
Vietmap (Vietnam)
Some note when selecting the camera journey

Due to the nature of data to be recorded and erased repeatedly, so memory cards were used. Should select the type of label that came with the camera, do not buy memory usual computer (very perishable).
Vehicles may be parked in the sun for long periods, the temperature rises, the camera needs to withstand this hot conditions.
The camera's power cable must be long enough to be able to run around in the car, avoid dangling wires from the power source (cigar or 12V) to the camera.
Photos should clearly after dark, no glare by car reverse lights. Should watch automatic camera technology WDR light balance or not.
Can look forward license plates clearly, choose HD or higher.
And much more relevant content you may have experience and want to share. Leave a comment below to share knowledge and experience or for people offline.

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