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Serving industrial monitoring or recording from above, below water. The unmanned aircraft equipped compact camera equipped shoot sharp images. 

One of the unmanned aircraft equipped with cameras such as: 

1. DraganFlyer X6 Helicopter 

The helicopter has been specifically designed to use photography, video recording on high. It can fly above the ground 2400m in 15-20p continuous flight. All of its flight operations are monitored remotely, it is equipped with CCTV, time tracking. The helicopters are manufactured from high-strength carbon fiber. As one of the useful tools in addition to observing animals in the wild to serve scientific research. 

camera máy bay 1

2.  Drone Aircraft Storm 4 

4 Storm Drone aircraft are small aircraft, capable of flying for 6-7 minutes. Storm Drone 4 is equipped with cameras to take pictures from the air, two lights in front of a white LED, two LEDs behind a red color effect into the night. 

máy bay camera 2

3. Aircraft AR.Drone 2.0 

This aircraft is controlled from smart phones, are capable of recording video and taking photos with high definition. The aircraft can be acrobatic flying in the air when the driver. 

máy bay camera 3

4. Pocket Drone Aircraft 

Being very light aircraft, more enjoyable Pocket Drones can be folded, it can fly for 20 minutes in the 1500m. 

máy bay camera 4


5. Aircraft EYE-Droid 4 

The aircraft can carry many different kinds of cameras though its weight is very compact. It is possible for two people at the same time to control movement and direction control shooting. 

máy bay camera 5

6. Aircraft LA100 

For those who are inexperienced drivers, the LA100 is great, the aircraft are also equipped with cameras shooting high-definition, it's fairly compact, with a wingspan of 92cm crisis is like a ship glider. Material made ​​from foam planes and carbon fiber strength and ease of movement in the air. 

máy bay camera 6

7. Aircraft Ziphius 

This is especially true aircraft underwater remote control, equipped with photographic camera onboard to record video underwater, every move and operation of the equipment of the aircraft are monitored by smartphone. The speed of it swimming underwater 10km/h

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