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You can fight any intrusion security solutions Polytechnic Vietnam Vietnam.

Try to think like a thief wants to break into the house. He will probe around outside the house to pick intrusion entrance. And when he sneaked into the lights turned up near the door - unless he wanted to be caught, then ran the first thing he thought of. It is also effective as an alarm mounted so.

Solutions Our security system is a simple light bulb will light up when a motion sensor installed in the door is activated. You can install this setup in many ways, depending on your preference and you do not need a massive system to implement it.
To install successfully you need about 30 minutes to conduct connected devices and checks their activities.


List of equipment

In this project we used the following products:

1x - Wireless Motion Sensor

1x - LampLinc Dimmer (Dual-Band)

Step 1 - Installation of motion sensors to your desired location outside the home. Follow the instructions that come with installation instructions and select the location.

Step 2 - Select the light you want to turn on when motion sensors are triggered. Unplug and plug the lamp into the socket LampLinc dimmer, then plug the lamp into Lamplinc.

Step 3 - Press and hold the "Set" button on the motion sensor within 5 seconds (until the red LED on the back starts blinking). Now you have 4 minutes to install the devices meet (eg LampLinc).

Step 4 - With motion sensor in the link mode (see previous step), press and hold the "Set" button for 3 seconds on LampLinc or until a beep.

Now you have an anti-theft device smart and effective! Whenever someone goes through motion sensors, indoor lights will light up. You can expand this set to add another light bulb turned on, the camera is activated, and much more. With the software you can even get an email alert!
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