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These symbols CIF, D1, HD, Full HD, 960H are specifications when you encounter a lot of searching, selection camera recorder. So did they mean?

CIF, D1, HD, Full HD, 960H - The resolution of a standard video recorder camera

The resolution of the camera recorder is an important factor in the selection of the appropriate system and should be considered carefully. The higher the resolution, the more data, more information and record details the organization images to save and show closer. These parameters are also very important factors that determines the performance of your monitor and video recording resolution.

Standard resolution for DVR

* CIF (Common Intermediate Format)

Resolution suitable for home video system (VHS), with a resolution 360x240pixels
Through non-interlaced scanning
Using NTSC, running video frame rates up to 30 000/1001 ≈ 29.97fps / second
PAL TV system, resolution up to 288 TV lines.
CIF format is an old standard for video surveillance systems
* D1

Industry insiders CCTV system, everyone knows D1 resolution recording, playback and display. Actually it is not true. D1 is a system standard format of digital TV.

D1: format 480i (525i): 720 × 480 (480TV lines of resolution, interlaced), and NTSC TV system with the same resolution, 15.25kHz line frequency, equivalent to 4CIF.
Standard resolution for Recorder

D2: format 480p (525p), 720 × 480 (480TV resolution, progressive scan), with clear than interlaced D1, is electrically equivalent to DVD resolution.
D3: Format 1080i (1125i), 1920 × 1080 (resolution 1080 lines tv, Interlace scanning), high-definition video format resolution 1920x1080i / 60Hz line frequency 33.75kHz.
D4 (HD) format 720P (750P), 1280 × 720 (horizontal resolution of 720 TV lines, progressive scan), lower resolution than the D3, but with progressive scan reason, many feel D3 D4 is more obvious, especially when displaying the characters, resolution of 1280x720p / 60Hz line frequency 45kHz.
D5 (Full HD) 1080p format (1125P), 1920 × 1080 (horizontal resolution 1080tv lines, progressive scan) resolution of the highest standards of TV systems, resolution 1920x1080P / 60Hz, line 67.5KHz frequency.

NOTE 2 Technical Compare i - p: Interlace (i) the introduction aims to reduce the bandwidth load with a certain resolution so fit low bandwidth capabilities. Progressive (P) for more realistic images, images are not blurry, jerky frames with high-speed action, supports higher resolution, but also accounted for twice the bandwidth of Interlace. On the Device Monitor, LCD Progressive broadcast standard is the standard, so to be able to transmit signals Interlace required a manipulation called deinterlacing. Progressive will be the norm in the future.

* 960H

960H product was first introduced by Techwell and Sony, through the security camera sony CCD image sensor 960H new generation. Now, many manufacturers of security began launching a series of products for security solutions 960H.

With the proliferation of security cameras 960H, 960H DVR born. Only use the 960H and 960H security camera DVR can build a monitoring system 960H high definition. 960H DVR can record video at 700 TV lines. It is compatible with 700 TV lines in the security camera 960H. The machines have high-definition DVR 960H, quality both in real-time recording, viewing, playback.

In addition, the resolution is 960 × 582 960H, it is a quarter 1080p. Therefore, the system can switch 960H 1080p smooth system. Finally, security cameras 960H analog cameras, video transmission without delay, image resolution without encoding or decoding, so the clearer video footage.

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