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Each season college not only the contestants but the country concerned, this is exam is regarded as the turning point of your life candidates. But each exam like the festering society because of fraud in examinations. To reduce fraud and wipe the education exams in conjunction with the research school and make a lot of methods in examination fraud. 

gian lận trong thi cử


The officers directing the exam remind students not to bring materials and high-tech products such as headsets, phones, smart watches, cameras, camera ... on close inspection room thi.Kiem before candidates into the examination room, they avoid and prevent students bring technology devices are not permitted, preventing bearing material in the room, while in the room with signs suspicious of fraud enforcement officials have considered immediately authenticated and strictly handle violations. 

The exam rooms in schools should also arrange security forces, CCTV to assist the exam staff. Camera images are recorded and passed on screens installed in exam rooms, a public place in the lobby. 

camera thi cử


With the strict implementation of anti-fraud measures in examinations that the examination would take place nice and fair to all the contestants.



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