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The company today is often used instead of timekeeper to track employees by craft books on the market thus also providing a wide variety of designs and timekeeper timekeeping methods as diverse as timekeeper fingerprint time recorder with paper card, magnetic card, proximity card ... or timekeeper face recognition but this type is not widespread. 


máy chấm công


But timekeeper type chosen is most Fingerprint machine, because: 


  • The accuracy is very high because each individual's fingerprint time attendance households who can not.
  • Though shift workers and large numbers still can manage their time, now on the staff of each.
  • Timekeeper of work, it is clear. 
  • With no major expenses you can put the employee without loss of time and manpower. 


With the advantages of this type of machine has been Fingerprint, certainly not fret if you choose to buy for their businesses. 


Vietnam Technology specializes in providing all kinds timekeeper and genuine product lines CCTV, smart home devices, switchboards, navigation and camera accessories ... 


Vietnam Contact Polytechnic for advice and choose to buy genuine products, reasonable prices: 

Company shares Security Equipment Technology Vietnam 

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Phone: 04.38688822 



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