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A. Causes

Typically, an HDMI port on the DVR gets corrupted due to several reasons:
- DVR is not earthed.
- HDMI cable does not guarantee quality.

1. The difference in voltage

Always there is a voltage difference between the recorder and the TV picture. When connected to a TV recorder, current overvoltage from television will go to the recorder via an HDMI cable.

Then, over voltage current from HDMI will be streamed live to the metal casing protects the HDMI port on the DVR. If the DVR is not earthed, this current will cause damage to the circuit board inside the first recording, HDMI port that is defective or cause an explosion.

Nguyên nhân và cách khắc phục lỗi cổng HDMI trên đầu ghi hình

2. Poor quality HDMI Cables

Currently on the market there is a lot of information of the users made about HDMI cable and HDMI cable cheap premium. However, it can be said according to the preliminary observations of the second quality signal cables for the same image. Colors and sounds are clear, stable signal. Perhaps the only difference is the genuine HDMI cables are manufactured with fine wire core material, there is a metal casing outside the inner conductor should be able to better protect the device currents and avoid conflict longer life expectancy cheap HDMI cables.

Therefore, before using the recorder connected device, make sure that your HDMI cable quality assurance.

Nguyên nhân và cách khắc phục lỗi cổng HDMI trên đầu ghi hình

B. How to fix

1. Earthing Device DVRs

To eliminate the voltage difference between TV devices and DVRs, we can use the grounding method (also known as the next cool) for DVRs.

After completion of construction and installation, use 1 wire cables (can use wires 0.5), one end connected to a grounding screw on the recorder, the other end to the grounding wire match ( cool wire) in the electrical system of the apartment.

Nguyên nhân và cách khắc phục lỗi cổng HDMI trên đầu ghi hình

(*) Note: If the apartment is not available ground wire of the electrical system, can play on the other end of the device is capable of electrically conductive, such as window guards, foot table, chair ( metal) ... However, this can only reduce some, but can not completely eliminate leakage currents. So, using the ground wire in the power system remains the most effective choice.

2. Selection of quality HDMI cable

There is no reason why manufacturers do a lot of rope with different price for sale to consumers at all. As mentioned HDMI cables are manufactured with genuine core wire material good, always has a metal casing outside the inner conductor should ability to protect equipment better avoid conflict with current and long life than. When you choose to purchase cable buy some well-known manufacturers in the market such as SONY, Unitek ...

There are five types of cable to choose from.

Standard HDMI Cable - supports only the resolution to 1080i / 6oHz;
High Speed ​​HDMI Cable - supports resolutions up to 1080p, Deep Color feature, 3D format (standard 1.4).
Standard HDMI Cable with Ethernet - the same HDMI cable Ethernet standard but with added sugars.
High-speed HDMI cable Ethernet - the same high-speed HDMI cable but with additional Ethernet line.
Automotive HDMI Cable - supports playback devices HDMI connection with HDMI devices in cars.
However you should not buy a cheap HDMI cable so than the market, because these cables are manufactured with poor quality or interference in the process you use.

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