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The visually impaired have suffered many difficulties in life, so there is a lot of research for blind people so they can do normal activities like everyone else. A study by British scientists in order to make smart glass miniature camerasmounted on glasses to detect objects close blinds and put pictures of them on the glass eyes.

The angle lens mounted 2 small camera function to record images at different angles. LED screen is transparent glasses which display images macamera observed so wearers can use vision is to see a clearer picture.

kính có gắn camera

The format of the information, text, symbols will be converted into audio headset glasses can help to shape the character the.Ngoai the glass is also fitted with GPS devices, compasses and a gyro measurement using or maintaining orientation. 

kính camera

The researchers also wish to develop this product more complete as human detection based on their movement, read the location information, the number of bus ... 

Smart glass is a good sign, useful for blind people to integrate life, they themselves can hardly do what you want, go anywhere you like, without the help of others. Hopefully there will be more and more successful research products for the visually impaired.

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