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From a height of 200m through the camera lens we panoramic view of space a number of universities in Hanoi, the school trained up a lot of manpower, engineers, bachelors country.


Hanoi Pedagogical University was established on 10/11/1951 at the forefront of the field of teacher training, scientific research. Especially the field of education research, is based universities and large teaching facilities in the university system of the country


Pedagogic University of Hanoi -Xuan Cards - Cau Giay District - Hanoi 


From above through the camera lens of Commerce graduate with large area but not in the area of Hanoi some cases, the public school education system Vietnam University of Commerce multidisciplinary in the fields of economics and trade. 



University Commerce - Mai Dich - Cau Giay District - Hanoi 



Hanoi National University, where training, scientific research, multidisciplinary and multi-sector higher education quality 




National University Hanoi - Crossroads Pham Hung - Xuan Thuy - Cau Giay District - Hanoi 


Hanoi University of Technology is the first engineering college of the country's pre-mission training generations of industrial engineering, there are many successful cases in the field of research, study and teaching of the game and teacher 



TPolytechnic University of Hanoi, Vietnam Stock algebra - Hai Ba Trung - Ha Noi 


University of Natural Sciences is located on Nguyen Trai - Thanh Xuan - Ha Noi 



University of Natural Sciences 


Adjacent to the University of Natural Sciences is the University of Social Sciences and Humanities 



University of Social Sciences and Humanities - Nguyen Trai - Thanh Xuan - Ha Noi 


Hanoi Medical University specializing in the field of medical education, the school has many dedicated team of trained nurses and doctors good for the country. As in the case of the national key universities 



Hanoi Medical University - Ton That Tung - Dong Da - Ha Noi 


University of Ha Noi Construction is DOA field engineering construction sector contributed positively to the process of national industrialization and modernization 



University Building - Liberation - Ha Noi

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