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Hidden cam (camouflage Camera): A camera hidden in a house in New Jersey has made a thief was arrested on Friday, whom earlier had brutally beat the owner of the house in the presence the child is 3 years old her. The so-called Camera camouflage, are becoming increasingly popular, and raises the question of whether the evidence back movies violate privacy laws in court or not.

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Camera can disguise disguised other- many different shapes can be a digital clock radio, the eyes of a teddy bear, a smoke detector, an electrical outlet, and other popular devices.

On Friday, 42-year-old Shawn Custis was arrested and charged with attempted murder, robbery, theft, and threatened children in an attack was recorded on a camera disguised in Millburn, New areas Jersey

The camera captures the image of a man who entered the house, repeatedly kicking her landlord and thrown to the floor while her children cower frightened her on the couch. Thieves go upstairs repeatedly plundered her family's belongings, and left hand beating the poor woman and even threw her down the stairs. The landlord and her children have been identified.

Another case in February on Staten Island, in New York, a camouflaged camera supports Mamura Nasirova 52 arrests. Camera shows Nasirova slapped and shook a 5-month-old baby when she is taking care of that child, reports ABC News. The camera is hidden in a carbon monoxide detector (CO2).

In August 2012 in Houston, Texas, a child care provider accused Tirza Magana threatened children after a camouflaged camera shows her 7-month-old child holding horizontal head and suffocate the baby. Magana has confessed she did baby choking many times a day in May, according to the Huffington Post. The incident was discovered when the boy's parents were suspicious when their child acts strangely.

In May 2012, Scott William Hone, 26, Oshawa, Canada, was arrested based on evidence provided by a camera disguised as a clock radio electronics, Oshawa This Week newspaper local edition said method. A mother, who asked to remain anonymous, have some misgivings in the delivery of 5-month-old daughter back to her ex-boyfriend, Hone, father of the child. The image from the camera shows him violently with his baby girl when diapering, then threw up his son on the couch screaming infant wear.

"He probably did not know what to do," the mother told the newspaper This Week. "I think perhaps because he does not have experience in caring for small children only." The mother confided when he saw the scene the camera back, "I was very angry. ... I just knew cried alone, I do not know how stop anymore."

Camera camouflage, legal or illegal?

In May 2013, an article was published on page "Find Law", a legal blog, in order to study the legality of secret form this monitoring. Camera disguised legal across the country, customers only need to provide a reason to use them. If the camera is used to hard binoculars privacy or collect other personal information, it is not legitimate reasons for monitoring.

"All individuals, including nannies, are desired to be legally protected right to privacy," said Page Find Law. "The legitimate cases including monitoring their children and / or monitor the caregiver to prevent child abuse, or to prevent theft."

In some states, the evidence collected through video cameras can not be accepted in court. Some other states require the consent of the nanny to be filmed. However, many states leaning toward accepting evidence from the video. In about 15 countries, according to wiretapping laws, legal only when recording the consent of the parties was recorded.

An article in the Journal of Law and Technology at UCLA in 2002 provides legal insight profoundly similar problems, camouflage camera. The article also questioned: covert surveillance or monitoring public. Failure to nanny or caregiver know that they are being filmed makes us think about the real reasons for the camera to be used, which is to protect their children or to prosecute violators, "all Useful specified.

"If the parents are afraid their children being abused, they should alert the caregiver that she was being filmed silently install more surveillance cameras. If not, it proves that mothers and fathers who leave their children being violated, while they absolutely can stop it "

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