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7 tips when choosing to buy camera

1 . Identify areas to observe , track and distance to the object

Before you buy a security camera do the simple survey area that you want to install surveillance cameras ( CCTV ) . Depending on the situation , you will need to select the best security camera to capture the scene .

This is where you need to ' think like a criminal and wondering what you will do and where you will go if you are trying to hijack and the area you will pass ? "

You will probably need multiple cameras and we should be selected to be observed include a specific area .

First, determine how to set monitoring range region covers most needs insurance - this is called the field of view . Next, determine the target distance . Distance is the distance goal that you expected to be the villain ( if any) from the security cameras .

The visibility of the camera ( you may want to partially hide security cameras in sight to prevent vandalism ) , and of course whether this camera will capture the activity in the region .

2 . Selecting focal camera

Once you have identified the target distance and desired monitoring area , you will want to calculate the best focal length for each security camera . The best way to do this is to use a camera lens online computer .

Based on the target distance and would like to see the area , the lens will introduce the lens focal length required to obtain the desired view and magnification of each security camera . This is extremely important to get the high-quality video surveillance .

3 . Select a camera to suit each environment

Specifically, it will be placed in the long run ( outdoors or indoors ) , the desire of the camera ( the camera you want is within sight of the people , or partially hidden ) , and the desired aesthetic ( security cameras should have good visibility and blend with the surrounding environment or not does not matter which ) .

Here are some common styles of security cameras :

Camera Camouflage : This is a small ( about the size of a camera -sized cylindrical fingers ) . We are a hidden camera by small size and shape is not easy to detect. Consistent front of the installation , and can be used indoors or outdoors .

Dome Camera : This is a very commonly found in supermarkets and department stores where the security camera should look nice and blend with the surrounding environment so as not to make the customer feel uncomfortable. The security cameras also sometimes comes with dark tinted glass to make it difficult for anyone to determine how surveillance cameras . Many camera is also equipped with the dome to prevent vandalism to avoid damage . There is also the dome camera comes with enhanced metal casing and reverence , Dome Camera can withstand both weather version of indoor and outdoor .

Box Camera : Type is commonly found in a number of stores and banks where the security cameras are hidden and do not need to be used in part to prevent vandalism. The shape of the camera box is highly visible and also allows for a wide range of lens focal length variable is used to achieve coverage and more magnification .

4 . Choose the resolution of the camera

The current high -resolution image can be seen in detail in the video , so you want a resolution as high as possible . 350 product line for low resolution under the current standards . 480 lines are extremely popular and quite good for general use . 525-580 lines of resolution is considered high resolution CCTV standards and will provide the best picture quality . There megapixel camera and security camera features a resolution much higher .

5 . Camera with night vision or not ?

If your camera is used for night surveillance , where the dim light , you will likely want to choose a security camera with infrared ( IR ) LEDs illuminate the area . IR is invisible to the human eye but not the camera .

6 . Camera wired than wireless security camera

Many people buy CCTV was first attracted to the concept of wireless security cameras due to the high-tech appeal and the fact that the video cable is not required . However, you should know that the wireless cameras susceptible to interference by other wireless devices such as cordless phones , wireless internet devices also use the 2.4GHz frequency range and 5.8 GHz .

In addition, wireless cameras require power cord so they are not totally wireless in this case . Finally, the camera requires a wireless transmitter and receiver equipment means additional costs for you . Whenever possible, use a wired security camera instead of a conventional wireless systems .

7 . And finally, the cost to buy camera

In general , the old adage , you get what you pay applies to a certain extent when buying CCTV equipment . Sure, you can save some money if you shop around, but be careful of the security camera is very cheap because you are likely to be disappointed with the result . Find a good supplier who is willing to work with you and take time to become familiar with your request . Spend time researching different products , talk to a provider you can trust and then purchase CCTV equipment represents the best performance for the price as it applies to the your security needs . The best value option in the CCTV security equipment canera is not always select the best equipment available .

Above are 7 attention before choosing to buy a camera system . Please read carefully and choose the best one suitable system . If you have questions may contact the company's technical advice to Bach Khoa Viet better .


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