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With the recent news about the collapse by gas explosion, again as a warning bell to the people about the dangers they face when they do not know how to manage gas "seizures". Through this we would like to send you read a number of measures to tackle the gas cylinder, gas stove having trouble.

1. Gas smell:

Do mains gas leaks, broken valve or gas pipe connecting joints. Now is time to lock propane tank valve, open the door to reduce the gas concentration. If you smell gas concentrations, average snow leaks constitute sticking around, the room temperature quickly rose to open the door, hand fan fan used less gas concentrations. Special attention does not turn off electrical appliances, preferably remote interruptible power supply, then call to check repairman.

Pay special attention not to see lighters; do not turn on electric fans, avoiding ignition of fan rays cause fire. Get the soap bits into the escaping gas, water spray bottle, if show the swelling immediately run off, to prevent gas explosions. However, according to calculations, gas tanks rarely explode as designed with special materials. Explosion of gas usually leaks to the outside, with a very strong explosion.

2. Incidents of fire sources:

When the gas stove did not catch fire, flaming, unusual smell escaping gas. You need to turn off the heat immediately, bottle valve and check the wheels have been lopsided division did not fire, sparking drying of kitchen ware or test anything on wheels fire affected it? Clean water can also cause abnormal red fire, so the fire wet pot will also be red.

3. Gas stove does not ignite:

You only need to repeat continuously lighter until the air in the gas pipe was empty all out. If broken wires extinguishing gas, it must be replaced to ensure the safety of the new. Check the ignition if dirty, you need to remove the tripod cookers dry cloth to wipe off the ignition.

4. The fire was red:

 Handling by gas stove cleaned regularly. However, there are also cases where the flame is red due to paint your house or paint my new new. This phenomenon should not be processed, naturally a few days before.

5. Fire honk:

This phenomenon is often caused by installation personnel adjusted gas stoves are not exactly air unit, shower (throat of fire) is not properly fitted joints, fire clogged drainage slots. When you come across this problem, you can handle it yourself by installing precision parts for air adjustment, check the position throat of fire, clean the slot and fire escape.

Also, do not use the old mini gas because safety does not like new bottles. With new gas tanks also need to use the term, reputable manufacturer not, have been testing the quality, safety ...

Tips & Warnings

Need periodic replacement cylinders wiring as recommended by the manufacturer. With insecticide average is absolutely not near the fire, not to spray under the kitchen or near the stove is on

If possible, please press the gas sensor for your kitchen. Once there, if any abnormal signs, the gas sensor will immediately exclaimed. You can refer to newspaper articles about gas sensor here.
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