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You need to know this because it affects the privacy of every person. Minutes negligence can affect greatly to the honor of yourself. The incident revealed hundreds of Hollywood is a recent hot image examples. Sometimes they reveal hot image part due to "turn stalk" without knowing it.


In this article I synthesize your experience to the guard, the latter when necessary, the application had taken place.


You hunch he was being watched? Or maybe you just want to protect their privacy in absolute terms? Here are some ways to detect smuggled vision camera.


Method 1 - Use the ear, eye


Cameras can be hidden, but the lens can not completely hide that can only disguise. Let's start where most suspicious as the bathroom, bedroom or the place to keep valuables, especially.

Check every corner of your room, from vases, paintings on the walls to other unusual territories, lamp, mirror. Find all under the curtains, bookshelves.

Listen every little noise. Let the room completely quiet, then listen carefully. Many small cameras, sensitivity often sounding crunch or clicks when they work.



Typically, cameras or hidden in the books, fire alarms, bonsai on the table, indoor, napkin boxes, stuffed animals and the power switch.


Also, check that the camera can be hidden in places such little more suspicious bag, purse, DVD box, air filter equipment, glasses, lava lamps, buttons or screwdriver.


Look for small holes, can not be greater than the letter "o", they may be somewhere opposite the room. Consider these examples seem no reason to hang in there. It is also possible that the camera can not be there, but you should still be careful.



In public places, the camera turns sneaking usually placed in the dome, especially the small roof. In addition, public camera often lies behind the protective shield.


Method 2 - Use shadow



Turn out the lights, and began looking for appear tiny LED bulbs do not blue or red. Some microphones often have lights turned on, and if he is not carefully installed it, they can not disable this feature. Also, when the lights were turned off, please pay close attention blinker signal and check carefully all the mirrors. Artwork above: with cameras smuggled in picture angle


Method 3 - Using technical measures

Buy wireless camera detectors and scanning around the room doubtful.


Using your phone


Make a call and then scan the device around where suspicious. The phone will have noise near the product xoet colorful emit magnetic fields. Not all phones can do this, but if your handset emits noise when placed near the speaker xoet flashy or when a call to prepare, which means your phone can use to detect camera.




Wired cameras are often used in companies, businesses in order to prevent crime. Type This camera can be connected to a recording device or a TV screen.


Wireless Camera works with wireless transmitters and often a little louder because they contain both wireless transmitters. This camera type battery-operated and can deliver to a recording device within 200 feet (60.96 meters). This type of camera is quite common for personal tracking purposes.

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