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Manual pipe construction gene in electric light in buildings
In light power project for the construction of buildings, signal wires should always be protected part of the best conditions in order to avoid the impact from the outside can damage wires. Thus the gene tube is the solution to this case. Here are some practical experience when using electrical tube light in construction gene that engineers design and construction can be found.
Gene pipe insulation material is a solution that is used extensively in construction in developed countries and now works in Vietnam are using plastic pipe gene in mild electrical construction. The gene pipe insulation material is used in the form of wall-mounted or placed in the wall, buried underground ... With the ability of high-strength, anti-acid, anti-fire, insulation, UV resistant, resistant be sunlight. Pipe insulation material is used will save from 25 - 40% of investment costs for the project.
On the market today there are three common types of tubes genes: genes square, circular genome, chicken intestinal gene (gene elastic tubing). Depending on the installation, but we can choose to use one of three types of tubes on the gene.

Gen round
Gen square

Chicken intestinal gene
To use gene tube safely and most effectively, you should pay attention to the following points:
What to do
- For wiring works well, the square gene is always the number one choice. Pipes square gene design manufacturers for wiring purposes well, easy to install and repair wiring as well as contributing to ensure the beauty of the building. Square tubes commonly used gene is genetically plastic 24x14, 39x18 plastic genes, genes and gene plastic resin 80x60 100x60. Square tubing sizes genetically different depending on the characteristics of the design process that was put into use.
- Gen gene rounded lenses are often used for wiring for sound walls, under floor wiring, places require high pressure. So you should arrange gene tube so as not to affect the concrete structure of the building. Round tubes are often constructed gene along with the construction process to ensure easy and offers high aesthetics.
- You should use the tube to the correct gene to its intended use, such as gene tubes used for the construction of the wiring, do not use wire threaded pipe for plumbing purposes, gas ... because it has leaks can be dangerous.
- The use of genetically tubes meet the standard. Currently on the market with the brand genetically reputable pipe and ensure proper quality of the Sino, GE, Vanlock, MPE, AC, Clipsal ... threaded pipe products of the company have been very strict checks impact resistance, resistance to compression and resistance to fire of them are also very high. You should also seek to address the trust to purchase to avoid buying counterfeit goods of inferior quality.
- Before carrying out the process of gene Conduit pipe installation, we need to calculate strings to select the size of the pipe so that the gene must be consistent with the number of wires to be inserted therein. TCVN 9206, 9207, 9208, the total cross-section shall not exceed 40% of the genes tube. 35% with sealed box, 40% with the box lid open. 35% for pipes, gutters closed.
- The use of dedicated tools for construction workers to help ease in cutting pipes, bends or help Conduit into the tube. Rapid assembly and make sure you use the same glue tube.
- Installation of gene tube where the temperature allows, the temperature suitable for gene pipe standards, do not damage the pipe.
- The wiring was installed in places like la-shirts ceiling, plaster ceiling, brick walls ... you should use tubes Conduits Conduits elastic because this type of lightweight, flexible help the ductile all shapes. On the other hand elastic tubes usually are cheaper than other types of threaded pipes.
What not to do
- Do not insert too tight or too many genes wire into the tube. As this will make you can not add pipe Conduit if you have a requirement to improve or upgrade the power system for home or your work. On the other hand are too many wires in the tube will not guarantee that the distance between the circuit and standards of exothermic and difficult to replace pipes, repair in case of incidents.
- During the repair work, you avoid drilling machines or equipment for concrete perforated tube cracking or tearing gene because then, not only the construction of an accident due to an open wire system in your family also suffered damage and extra cost alternative.
- For floating tubing inserted gene, you can not hook or hang anything heavy on top of the tube. Need to use gene tube fixed screw, should not use glue, tape for mounting on a wall pipe square gene.
- Conduit fitting well need to be concealed, because the gap of the pipe will be where insects can come in, inadvertently hose your system becomes a haven for insects. As has become a haven for insects they are not sure that your wireless set can be used for how long.
- Do not use the threaded pipe poor quality, the tube easy to encounter as tank damaged, broken, dented pipe, or have less tolerance ...
The use of gene using Conduit Pipe wall or stand mounted in the building, not only will contribute to ensuring the safety of the inner wire is threaded, but also increases the aesthetics of the building and the house you and show that you are a person with knowledge of the design and construction.
Also, you should use a few more accessories that came with Conduit tubes for gene can create a power system the most perfect light.

Some genes pipe fittings
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